The Temple of the Soul

by Cathy Olsen - 

Within each aspect of creation lies a matrix (a constellation of light) whereupon its activation brings into being the full and complete embodiment of heaven on earth; spirit made manifest.

The door to the inner temple lies within the Heart of Hearts. 

The activation of said matrix must be sought from within. For at your central source resides your personal flame, your individuated spark of Divine Creation. And were it not for the animation of this flame, the self aspect would lose its manifest form.

In your minds eye, enter the scared temple within and make your way to the eternal flame there which has burned brightly since before time began.

Approach the altar of brilliance and know that this solar fire is a direct portal to the flame of Source.

Access your internal heart flame and allow the illuminate nature therein to infuse your being with love and light divine.

Make way for the flood of eternal wisdom which seeks entrance into your Heart of Hearts. Invite such wisdom to light the path before you as you become the creation bridge between heaven and earth.

Seek to awaken all dormant foreknowledge of the Wisdom of the Ages. 

Seek to live in conscious relationship with the central flame of your being. Know that your physical vehicle holds the template; the creation pattern for the Temple of the Soul. Let love become the foundation of the internal temple.

Allow Divine Wisdom and Understanding to be raised as pillars to uphold the apex of Divine Knowing. Allow Grace and Beauty to work their magic within the temple walls.

See the shimmering metallic’s blend with the vapors of translucent spirit as they coalesce once again into ancient and majestic design.

Breathe in and expand from within with your focus on the central flame and exhale the luminous colors of creation into the manifest fields of your world.

Become the creator you were destined to be. 

Utilize the power of your own Divine Knowing to create the world you wish to inhabit in times to come. Breathe life into your creations through the connective flow of the breath of the Universe itself.

For all is connected through the matrix of the One, expanded along all lines of time and beyond.

Become the houser; the container of your spirit self. Acknowledge the temple of Soul which is accessed within. Breathe consciousness into the scared template which births the new creation.

Become a pillar of light which sets the space for the World Temple, knowing that it can not be accomplished without your participation.

Seek to align with those who through time and space would become the externalization of the kingdom on earth.