Journey to Wholeness

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Our journey to wholeness is part of our ascension journey, whose purpose is to reconnect us to Source. And as we uncover everything that has created our separation, our challenge is to stay in balance, mind, body and spirit, so we do not judge ourselves harshly for what we may see as a mistake.

The separation was part of our journey into the third dimension and through our return we are re-membering our spiritual nature. But that does not make spirit more important than any other aspect of our self.


When we reconnect to Source and feel the love, peace and joy that was once ours, we can judge our separation as wrong. But it was part of our contract. We were given a mind and free will in order to be separated so that eventually we would reconnect, it was all part of the divine plan.

Once we are on the journey back, we must guard against thinking that our spiritual nature is the most important and deny the gifts and value of the rest of our aspects. It is our mission to have a human experience and we cannot deny our humanity for our spiritual nature.

If we are too spiritual and try to focus our energy too much in the spiritual realm, we are not grounded on the earth and cannot effectively function here. 

We also risk becoming spiritually arrogant and disconnected from those whose spiritual understanding and knowledge are still developing. If we do that we are creating another level of separation and we are alienating those who need us and whose ascension depends on our assistance.

While we each have an individual ascension journey, we are part of and connected to the human family, which is also ascending. 

Our connection is important to all of humanity and each of us contributes to everyone's ascension.


Balance is the key to wholeness and we have a world of evidence to show us what being out of balance creates for us. A focus on any aspect of our being over another is simply a judgment that we use to justify our fear of divine retribution for what we believe is our sin, the separation.


Each aspect of our being; body, mind and spirit is necessary to our growth, our presence here on earth and our ascension.

We can honor all aspects of our being and appreciate them for what they are and how they help us create heaven on earth. Each of them is equally important and our ascension happens when we recognize and honor all of them.

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