Plugging Into the Field of Blessings

by Christie Pennington -

Some call it the "Morphogenetic Field", some call it the greater "Mind Field" or simply the "Field", I call it the "Field Of Blessings". Regardless of what it is called, it is a palpable energy Field.

Most of us know someone for whom life seems to work, at least most of the time. Those fortunate few who seem to be so blessed. We wonder why, what is their secret?

The secret is they are plugged into the Field. When we align ourselves, plug into this energetic Field, we too can live gracefully with ease and flow.

You are not plugged into the Field if you perceive an undesired circumstance in your life as an obstacle to your good.

You are plugged into the Field if you see an undesired circumstance as holding valuable and meaningful information.

You are not plugged into the Field of Blessings if you believe this block to be an external force.

You are plugged in if you realize it represents an internal belief. 

You are not plugged in if you believe success is on hold until this block changes or is removed.

You are plugged in if you look for the purpose of the situation:
  • What am I not seeing, what could I be seeing differently? 
  • What attitude might I change? 
  • Is there a better thought about this, a better approach? 
  • Am I ready to have what I want with the perceived obstacle still present?
You are not plugged into the Field if you believe the situation can be "fixed" by using intellectualizing, pressure, aggressive action, money.

You are plugged into the Field if you are open to resolution by:
  • Being clear about yourself and your desires. 
  • Identifying your root belief which has created the circumstance as an obstacle. 
  • You are willing to listen to inner promptings of intuition. 
  • You are willing to let go of the belief. 
  • Change always begins within, the power is there for you as soon as you are ready to plug into it.