Life is a Journey

Life is a journey; a journey towards greater understanding; a search for greater consciousness; a quest for greater awareness of the universe in which you live. It is a being led deeper and deeper within your self to gain enhanced insights.

Probing questions arise as to what life is really about, what the purpose of life really is, why you are alive, and your purpose and role in all of this.

These are all truly worthy thoughts for you to ponder. Also what the purpose of joy is and of fear, for with these two, you decide which one you will experience the most, by feeding either the one, or the other.

True Joy is of Heaven, while fear keeps you earthbound. 

Fear desires to hold you in its grip. Fear is the enemy of joy. Fight fear by coming into the Stillness, for I give you peace, because I am Joy. I am the Joy of heaven, and I reside right within you.

Seek Me, and you will find Joy waiting for you. This is the true journey in life. Entertain more thoughts of this Joy, for these are uplifting and are the prayers of heaven.

You yourself decide whether to make your life joyful or miserable. 

Either grasp this decision-making power to take charge of your life or let life’s circumstances decide for you. It is ever thus: A soul deeply rooted in faith and trust in Me can already have a foretaste of Heaven’s Joys.

This is the way the Creator desires for you to live. Without fear, as fear is the robber and defrauder of joy. Therefore, turn fear out at all cost and with all your might. I perceive you thinking that that is not always easy.

However, you need to remember and truly realize that it is your desire and willingness and your growing faith and trust in Me, which are your tools to overcome this tendency to fear. Do come more often into the Stillness of your heart to spend more time with Me and so I can feed you more joy. Think of Me more often.