The Essence of Living Love

by Rebecca Couch -

Let’s put it this way: all the love that you give and multiply is far less that the love that is available to you to receive. Of course, this is not a competition, it is a realization that if you are expressing your greatest potential God spark, then there is oh-so-much-more to give.

This is not about stockpiling or racing or computing output, it is about being the greatest radiance of love at all times. It is about focusing on love as your favourite subject, your purpose, your reason for being.

Love is the answer, love is the elixir, love is the key, love is the input and the outcome! 

This is the BIG LOVE, not the superficial icing-on-the-cake one, the one that burns quietly at the core of All That Is. This is the one inside of you. And so it begins by deepening your inner relationship with yourself, with your Higher Self, with your own love pilot light, with your inner guidance system, with the still, giant voice within.

The only way to hear it is to silence the outside clamour and the inside chatter. Listen.

  • When the shift is hitting the fan: breathe. 
  • When everyone else is blabbing: be still. 
  • When a wave of fear comes rushing at you: duck. 
  • When everyone else is forgetting who they are: remember. 
  • When the surface looks creepy: see beauty. 

Ask to use your five senses as the Divine would. Ask that no-matter-what, you think and act and serve as God would. See deeper, know more, smell beyond, taste and touch in the most refined way possible.

  • When another hurts, radiate love. 
  • When it is confusing and distorted, bestow clarity. 
  • When corrupt, command truth
  • When ill and diseased, call upon refinement. 
  • Multiply blessings with gratitude. 
  • See only goodness. 
  • Allow your creative spirit to express itself to bless others. 
  • Love life. 
  • Cherish your breath. 
  • Celebrate each moment.

This is the essence of living love and from this state of being, more will come. 

Divine passion will live through you. All that is not fueled and inspired and created with love will dissolve, for it will not stand up to what you command. And think about what happens when many are doing just this. Things change rapidly, as they are, as the old falls like dominoes in the presence of love.

When you are able to cultivate and hold and live this radiant expression, then that is what surrounds you in your intimate experience…and you keep building more from the inside out.

Your body is your sanctuary and your home and your glade and your neighbours and your community and your workplace and outward the spiral moves. The most powerful way to eradicate what you no longer desire is to shift your focus to what you do. And so the dominoes fall and paradise begins to be formed.

Make it simpler than you think. Decide this is your new way. 

Surrender your aches and pains and worries and frets and lacks and fears and controls to one sacred bonfire and ask that love reside in their place.

From the ashes of your great fire your phoenix of love will be born! While this all sounds poetic, they are just words. It is the essence and the constant choice that matters, until it becomes you.

In this way of commanding love’s presence as your life, you will find the peace that surpasses all understanding. In the tiny flame of this peace, you will find it all. And then, the meek will inherit the Earth! Choose love over and over and over and over again until it becomes your breath.

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