Reality Today

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Today is the day to celebrate life, to appreciate who you are and to love every aspect of your being. Why today? Because today is the only day in which you live. Today is the embodiment of everything that you are capable of and the fulfillment of your every desire.

Why wait until tomorrow to see the expression of your dreams? In the Universe, tomorrow does not exist because everything exists in the present moment. It is from each moment in the present that you create the next step, create the next part of your reality.

If you are not in harmony with what is going on in your reality today, tomorrow's reality will not be any different than it is today.

Humanity has been fooled into thinking that planning for the future is the most important activity that they can engage in today. So many people work diligently to save money and gain future security, thinking that it is then, at some point in the future, that they will do the things that they enjoy, that they can be happy, that they can relax and enjoy life.

The time to do that is now and today is the moment in which happiness, abundance and security exists. Those who are unhappy and dissatisfied today will also be unhappy and dissatisfied tomorrow and in the future. There is nothing that exists in your present reality that you cannot change with the force of your intention but not if you believe that you will wait until some point in the future to create a different reality.

If you knew that the best part of your life would be whatever existed in your current reality, would you do anything differently? 

If the answer to that question is 'yes' then it is time to make some changes to what you are creating for yourself.

The energy to create miracles, to create unlimited possibilities, exists for you today. Use it well and know that each step leads to another set of potential realities, opportunities to grow and learn, to embrace joy, love, peace and abundance. The Universe is infinite and so are you.

If you are unhappy with your present circumstances, embrace your unhappiness and be glad that you have experienced what you no longer want in your life. It is a valuable lesson. Now, create the next step.

Disappointment, unhappiness, frustration and anger have no place in the new energies that the Shift is bringing to you. They are a sign that you are not focused on your power to create new possibilities and opportunities.

Embrace everything that exists in your life today, appreciate it, be grateful for the lessons and then move forward knowing that just as you had the power to create those situations, you also have the power to create new and different possibilities for yourselves.

This week, if there are situations that you wish to change, begin changing them today. Embrace them and learn their lessons, then move forward and create each step on a pathway to a new reality where your current reality is the perfect expression of your life's perfection.

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