Arguing With Reality

by Andrea Hess -

Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying things such as “I can’t believe that…” or “This should/shouldn’t be happening”? These are some of the ways we argue with reality. We “can’t believe” we didn’t get that job. We “should have” gotten that promotion.

These thought patterns attempt to avoid the reality we have created. They are our mind, resisting what IS.

Not only is arguing with our reality a complete waste of mental energy but it also prevents us from witnessing our life circumstances as the vital information they represent. 

Every circumstance in our lives is simply a reflection of ourselves. Our reality is information, plain and simple. It is not “good” or “bad.” Those are labels that we create about our reality. Our reality in itself just IS.

When our mind starts living in the “should,” all that valuable information contained in our reality goes out the window.

We start removing ourselves from our creation, rather than taking responsibility for it. In removing ourselves from our position as Creator, we also remove ourselves from power. Eventually, we become the hapless victims of circumstance.

Most of us are somewhere in between empowerment and victimization – we take responsibility only when we create what we want.

Why, Oh Why?

Many of us are terrified to look our reality squarely in the eye and learn about ourselves based on what we’ve created. We’re scared that our reality may reflect what we don’t want to see.

Maybe we’ll find that we’re not actually ready to receive love, or abundance, or success.

So we retreat into the “should” where we can tell ourselves whatever we want, in spite of our life circumstances. We rail against what IS, because we’re doing all the right things. We’re leaving no stone unturned, we’re working hard, we’re putting ourselves out there.

Why, oh why are we not creating what we want?

Because we are energetic beings, far more complex than our conscious mind can possibly grasp.

We are little radio stations, sending our energetic frequencies constantly. Our reality reflects those energies perfectly. Our conscious mind, caught in the vast divide between what it understands and what IS, employs an age-old survival mechanism: denial.

It creates its own little reality of “shoulds” and “if only’s” and “I can’t believe’s.” This works until our actual reality smacks us in the head with life’s big stick.

We may try to argue with reality but in the end, reality tends to win that argument every single time.

  • If we’re happily in love, it’s a reflection of our energetic state of being. 
  • If we’re miserably lonely, it’s a reflection of our energetic state of being. 
  • If we’re raking in serious money, it’s a reflection of our energetic state of being. 
  • If we can’t pay the rent, it’s a reflection of our energetic state of being. 
  • If we’re in perfect health, it’s a reflection of our energetic state of being.

Our Reality is Information

We can use that information to shift our perception beyond what the conscious mind is able to grasp. It tells us what hidden programs may lie buried in our energetic state of being.

Our reality tells us where we need to expand our awareness. 

Our reality also tells us of our greatest gifts. 

Let’s not argue with it.

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