Doubt Your Doubt

by Heidi Bilonick -

How to Follow Your Instincts and Quiet Your Inner Critic:

I was sitting in my seventh corporate conference in Las Vegas for the company I was once an executive and now a consultant. As I sat there, I looked around at all of the new faces. Their salivating smiles dripped with fresh perspectives and were hungry to be fed by the promise of promotion.

As I looked around I thought, “Is this it?” “Is this what I am meant to do?” and if so, “What now?” As I looked around and wrestled with the notion of getting up and hopping on the next plane out of there, I felt a sense of PEACE. I just knew in my gut that I had reached the end of my time with that company.

It just wasn’t resonating with me anymore but as I wrestled with the decision, I also felt a sharp shooting pain. As I moved my hand over my body and tried to put my finger on where it was coming from, I slid my hand in my pocket. I knew that’s where it had the potential to hurt the most.

I had been miserable for a very long time and had constantly prayed for signs. I believe I was given them over and over in the form of a nagging feeling of being miserable but I didn’t have the “proof” I needed that what I was doing wasn’t right for me anymore.

So, hand in my pocket and peace in my gut, I got up and left.

A few days later that old tape started playing in my head, the one that casts doubt. It says things like: “Oh, you really did it this time!” “You were making so much money!” “You REALLY think you are going to make it totally on your own?” “Are you sure this was the right thing to do?”

This tape, I realize, is the result of FEAR.

I know that if I were to continue to listen to this tape, not only would I feel terrible and be paralyzed but I would also be attracting more thoughts like it through the Law of Attraction.

So, I went outside to pray about it and get some space.

It was dark out and I sat in a chair. That tape started to play. So, I asked God to give me a “sign”. I said, “God, please tell me I have made the right decision!” And then I felt a voice say “Look up”. When I did, I saw an airplane. It was heading West. I used to take that plane every Sunday to go to work.

My immediate thought was, “Oh GREAT GOD! There it is! My Sign! I really did miss the boat or plane or whatever! What am I going to do now?”

In the midst of my panic, I heard the voice say, “No, higher.” I lifted my gaze and my eyes fell upon a star. I sat there quietly in amazement as the plane flew directly beneath the star and I heard, “That plane will never land where you are going.”

Now I am not one to be a big fan of the Woo Woo. I don’t practice astral projection or channel Charlie to help me make decisions but this was real.

I understand that many of you may be wrestling with what you feel is your destiny and how it conflicts with your current situation.

What is required is a leap of faith and a belief in you.

You have to know that when you allow that tape to play, you are interfering with God’s plan for your life. And when you worry, you are saying “I don’t trust you.” You are holding yourself back.

So, how do you stop it?

How do you doubt your doubt?

You say, “NEXT!” whenever that tape even hints it’s going to play.

You challenge those thoughts by asking yourself,
“Is this true or could there be another possibility?”
“How would it feel and what would I be capable of if I chose to believe in myself?”

Life has enough critics. 

Don’t be one of them.

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