The First Step to a Greater Life

by Austin and Mary Hennessey -

The higher nature knows no fears, doubts, suffering or lack of any kind.

What an amazing realization it is to know that there is in us a spiritual nature that is so much greater than our conditioned ego self.

Our spiritual journey is about learning how to engage this higher nature and find the perfect freedom, contentment, and happiness that is available to us.

Many of us think that our current experience of life is all there is and cannot imagine that a greater life is possible.

Just because we cannot see a more loving and joyful world we think it’s not available to us.

Most people pretend they have their lives together but they suffer unnecessarily because of ignorance about their true nature. Not knowing their real nature or spiritual self they fabricate one.

The philosopher Schopenhauer said it this way: 
“People are like the moon… they show you only one of their sides. Every man has an innate talent for mimicry, for making a mask… so that he can always look as if he really was what he pretends to be… and its effect is extremely deceptive.”
Impulse for Life

Have you ever looked down at a sidewalk and noticed a tiny blade of grass that made its way through the pavement up into the sunlight?

Isn’t it amazing that this little seed of grass could do this? Nature intends it to grow and it does.

The Intelligence that moves through this little blade of grass is also intending that we grow into awareness of our spiritual nature and bless the world with our presence.

The same impulse for life that intended this blade of grass to grow is moving within us also.

We are called by Life to find the truth about ourselves and live above our limited sense of self where real life awaits us. There is an amazing life beyond our normal experience and spiritual understanding can take us there.

Infinite Intelligence, God or Source can assist even the tiniest aspect of creation, helping it break out of the darkness into the sunlight. The blade of grass has to move out of the conditions that hinder growth so that it experiences life more fully.

Each one of us has the same amazing Power available to help us experience a more fulfilled life.

God/Source intends us to live a blissful life but we have to make ourselves available to this Power.

We do this by giving up our old way of living. When we move beyond our self-created, limited world we begin to make ourselves available to a more enhanced experience of life.

We have to learn how to break out of the prison of our limited thinking about life.

Steps for Breaking Out

We do this by first becoming aware of our self-created, unfavorable circumstances.

The false sense of self, your conditioned self or ego, can’t lift you to this higher way of living. 

The thoughts and feelings of the conditioned self that have created your present life cannot create your ideal life. The false self will do everything in its power to keep you where you are – but you don’t have to stay there.

You see, the false self or conditioned self is comprised of old habits, fears, doubts and reactions; the self that created them cannot rise above them.

The ordinary mind cannot move you beyond its own limitations. Something more powerful is needed.

What do you do? 

Develop the intention to transform your life and take a step now into the new reality. 

Your intention and your willingness in this now moment will activate a Guiding Presence, an Intelligence that has no fear of the unknown.

This Intelligence does for you what you cannot do for yourself.

Intention and willingness allows grace to make your path clear and all you do is follow its guidance.

Taking a New Step 

Your decision now to leave your old ways behind and venture deeper into the spiritual experience allows the present moment to reveal the limitless powers available to you. The ‘crooked ways will be made straight.’

Your willingness to leave the purely mental world causes each new step to be revealed to you. Faith is knowing that this Power is always available to you.

Don’t try to understand – just accept with humility that there is a higher Power that will help you transcend the ordinary mind and lift you into a way of living far beyond your current experience.

You just have to take that first step!

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