The Deeper Light

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan -

Each of you has walked into more brilliance of self and yet you still stand where the sand and the waterline meet. You have not even ventured into the deeper waters of light, slipping into the ocean of God and into the ability to See.

You stand on the seashores of yourself, preparing for what is to come next. 

Coming Into Oneness

It is as vast as all potential of all worlds and it is truly purer than any energy that has existed upon earth up until this time.

Coming into oneness is not a journey for those weak of heart or purpose. It is a journey for those who are brave beyond reason. It is a journey for those who can scale the mountains of self on the way thru the past.

The human body by itself radiates and shows a vast array of light frequencies.

The atoms within the flesh have a beautiful light. You see your humanness as tainted and obsolete – to be discarded as you move into a higher echelon.

Embrace the light of being human! 

These new waves of light enter you optically. They enter through every opening that your body has. They are received in a linear fashion into the brain and as particles of light that land upon you and are absorbed.

Allow your humanness to shine. If you separated your human body, your light body and your soul – you would see that each is a shining star.

When the planets and stars lineup – the light will become more linear in nature, being seen in streaks. Each of you holds a different type of alignment, a different octave of light. You are becoming the celestial events. Remember – as above, so below – as in Heaven, so on Earth. It is but a mirror image always. Look to the Heavens for explanations of yourselves.

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