Overcoming Old Patterns

by Carrie Hart -

Today would be a wonderful day to break with some long-established patterns in your life. There are some patterns which no longer serve you, which undermine the direction you wish to have your life head at this time. They could be patterns related to money, to romance, to eating and drinking, to other addictive behavior of some sort. And these patterns may have plagued your entire life.

Know that you can overcome these old patterns through patience and love. 

It will not happen overnight but it will happen if you choose the healing path. The healing path, you must know, may be a long and winding road, one which travels up the mountainside, sometimes into slippery territory, sometimes into dark crevasses, sometimes over very rocky terrain indeed.

There will be times when you slip and fall and must go back and begin again. There will be times when your heart breaks with longing, times when you cry out in pain, but still the path is there and the climb is within your grasp.

Do not ask why this is your lot. It is what it is. Along the way, there will be much learning and growth.

Along the way, you will be called upon to show courage and forbearance and become a much stronger person than you would be without this burden. Allow it to be this. Allow this to be not an affliction but a character builder.

Allow this pattern in your life to be the victory of your lifetime, not the cause of your distress and failure. Know that it may take an entire lifetime, but that the healing path is worth the climb, it is worth the effort, and in the end or along the way, you will be released from this burden, you will be able to set it down and soar.

The first thing you must do on the healing path is to forgive yourself and others for the place in which you find yourself. 

By forgiveness we mean releasing blame, lifting from yourself any ill feelings you have toward yourself or others, any shame you feel. Give this gift of forgiveness to yourself today, for you cannot progress on this path without it.

The First Step

If you carry the heavy stones of unforgiveness in your heart, if you carry the burden of shame over your body, you cannot progress on the healing path. It is the first important step and one you must perform not only today but over and over, as you forget to forgive and instead succumb to the old habits of blame and shame. And then, choose. Choose to walk the path no matter how difficult. Choose to invest the energy in yourself.

Drop all wording in your mind that says you have a problem. This may be an old pattern for you but it is not a pattern you need to continue.

If you release shame and blame and then choose to walk the path, full of forgiveness for each misstep along the way, picking yourself up when you fall, loving yourself when you stumble, embracing yourself with full love and understanding each step of the way, you will not only succeed but will live a blessed life indeed on the journey.

Do not give up on yourself. 

Do not think that this journey is futile; it is not. You have within you whatever it takes to rise to the challenges of your life. You have all the strength, all the courage, all the heart that is needed to take on the greatest challenges you face.

The greatest challenges are indeed often these, the old patterns, so ingrained that you sometimes feel powerless before them, so ingrained that you even forget that you are making choices every moment of every day. But you are.

And so, after forgiveness, the next step is consciousness, bringing to the forefront the choices that you are making, moment to moment, pulling them out of old habit and into conscious choice. 

This is not something which will happen overnight but it is something you are capable of doing. Choose now to do this, to pull these old secrets out of the drawers and closets of your being and expose them to the light of love.

Pour love upon yourself as you bring to light the wonder that is you, right now, just as you are, shining out with the pure light of being.

You are precious and treasured. You are exactly what the world needs you to be. And you are evolving into the next most glorious stage of your being, right now, as you make conscious choices in each moment to shine out with all that you are, without judgment, and with deep love and compassion for yourself and as you journey.

I love myself as I am, exactly as I am, completely and absolutely. 
I bathe myself in love and appreciation, in approval and caring. 
I feel and know my power, the power to evolve and become, the power to glow with the very best that I am, at all times. 
I choose to evolve. I choose to grow. 
I choose to be my glowing, glorious self. 
I am power. 
I am love and light. I am.

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