The Power of Love Energy

by Maggie Erotokritou -

As you continue bringing in love energy, imagine it filling every part of your mind, your body and your whole being. Imagine you are breathing in love and breathing out love energy until your whole body becomes a body of light.

Fill every cell with light and allow the transformation to take place. Enlightenment, which the great masters and teachers talk about, is actually the total transformation of all the cells into light.

This is of course a long-term process, which may take several lifetimes to accomplish even with total dedication. But still the transformative process, which we engage in to a lesser or larger degree can still bring amazing and wonderful results.

With regular practice, as the light comes in, it roots out old beliefs and deeply held structures that are no longer in alignment with our present process of self growth. 

Over a period of time as we release these beliefs and structures and we cleanse and purify on many different levels, our vibrations start to change.

The body begins to vibrate on a much higher level, we become less dense and more sensitive and intuitively move towards that which will help raise our vibrations rather than lower them. Gradually this becomes more evident in every area of our lives, we become more selective in how we spend our time and with whom.

New Directions

We find ourselves moving in new directions and new people and circumstances come into our lives, for as our vibrations change, so does what we attract.

Remember energy follows thought, we attract to us what we think about, 

therefore it is imperative that we watch our thoughts and make sure they are in alignment with our chosen goal. It is the law of attraction, that we attract what we send out.

If we constantly send out loving thoughts, our vibrations will change and we will attract more loving circumstances. Before that can happen, other things may need to take place first. It is an unfolding process, one that we live and work with moment by moment, day by day.

If we continuously come from love and hold only love in our hearts, we will find whatever is not in alignment will present itself in front of us.

We may have to deal with our past actions, or resentment or anger or whatever is suppressed. We need to empty our subconscious, through meditation this happens spontaneously, layer by layer, releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go.

As we come more into alignment with every word, thought and deed focused on love, then the response to our actions will be made manifest in a corresponding way.

Change Negative Thoughts

One of the hardest tasks in this work and the most powerful is to watch our thoughts, to change all negative thoughts as we catch them into positive ones.

As we do this, our level of clarity will increase and our depth of understanding will be profound, we will start to know, sense and intuit in a new way.

We must be alert to judgement, either of ourselves or others. 

When we judge, we are not seeing clearly, we miss the depth of the person, we cannot see beyond to the light, we must learn to look deeper, always going beyond, not ignoring but a getting a greater sense of the picture and seeing what more is there and remember everyone is a soul of their particular journey and that each soul is special in some way.

Moving to a higher state of consciousness requires constant observation of the self in order to transform lower states into higher ones, there is no short cut, we have to do the on-going self work.

This requires patience and the perseverance to keep going no matter what. Not an easy journey, but an extraordinarily rewarding one as you will come to see.

Through the transformation of consciousness through love energy, we can live in a state of deep joy, which is irrelevant of what is going on around us, this is a state of immeasurable bliss.

Once we have tasted it and felt the deep bliss of the divine, it becomes easier to detach from the superficial and to let go of anything, which lowers our vibrations.

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