Game On, Are You In?

by Scott Rabalais -

You are a member of a team, along with some 6.8 billion other souls. Let’s call it Team Earth. This team has great potential, most likely beyond what any of us imagine.

We have come so far and yet we can be so much more. Because you are an interconnected part of that team, as you go so goes the team. All the progress you make is progress for the team. And the same holds true for everyone on the planet.


So you want to be a great team member? Here’s how. Be the best you can be. What does that mean? It means right here, right now, make the commitment to be and do your highest good in every single moment. Regardless. It’s called commitment. It is commitment to yourself and it’s commitment to the team.

Let’s address that commitment.

Within you is a sacred intuitive capability called Inner Guidance. That guidance will lead you to your highest good, always.

Commitment means surrendering TOTALLY to that highest good. Yes, that could mean leaving a job or keeping your mouth shut or going out for a jog. Whatever it means, just do it.

In commitment, there is no compromise. In that way, commitment is easy because you KNOW the path you are ALWAYS going to take. No negotiation, no procrastination, no compromise, no fear.


The predominant attitude you have is WHATEVER IT TAKES. This attitude is not only for your highest good; it is for the highest good of the team. Every action you take and every thought you think ripples out into the human family and determines who we are. How is that for responsibility?

Great leaders take responsibility for their team.

Do you take complete responsibility for you? Better yet, do you take responsibility for Team Earth? Are you here to do whatever it takes to raise the human family and our Earth to a higher dimension? If not you, who? If not now, when?

The team does not reach its greatest heights until we each give 100 percent. And what does that mean, giving our best? It means being totally open in mind and heart and willing to respond in full to the Universal Force.

It is getting out of the way for the divine to be expressed. It is the willingness to let go of anything that hinders us from realizing and expressing our authentic self. It is simply refusing to acknowledge anything that stands in the way of our greatness.


We each are endowed with free will. How we use that free will determines the depth and breadth of our perspective. Do we choose a perception of the limited, smaller self or do we allow our free will to dissolve into the infinite Universal Will? Making the commitment to ourselves and our team is taking the consciousness “step” out of the conditioned mind and into the unity of which we exist.

When we see and experience the greatness in ourselves, we will naturally see it in others, regardless of appearances. If we see faults in ourselves, we will see faults in others. So, who cares if there are those in the 6.8 billion who are “all wrong.”

See the greatness of spirit within them. They will rise to your vision of them. They long for it; they just need someone who can show them their perfection and purity.

You see, it all starts with what goes on inside each of us. We each have a special role to play on the team, and it is our responsibility to live that role to the fullest. And when we all do, we will be a team like none other in the universe.

Yes, it will be worth what we have given to the cause, and many times over. But we each have to take care of our business and “give it up” for the team. We have to be everything we can be for the team to be all it can be.

The Unity of the Team

Commitment is the conscious decision to live the passion that resides within us. It is answering the call to come Home, to be who we truly are, to live our best life. And it is a passion for Team Earth, because each of us is a cell in the human organism.

When we care as much about Team Earth as we do ourselves, it is then that we feel the unity of the team. It is then we become greater than our individual selves. When we love ourselves deeply, Team Earth is feeling that love. It is that love.

So in your darkest, toughest moments, know that there are billions with you, behind you, supporting you and cheering you to be your highest self. And as you are your highest self, know that you are being applauded by the millions, the masses. We shine in glee when you follow your highest good and we have the deepest appreciation for it. We love you for simply being who you are. We need you and we thank you.

You have a very specific and incredibly important role to play. 

It is equally important to all the roles that your teammates are playing on Team Earth. Tending to your outside garden is equal with being the political leader of a nation. We all contribute in our own way, the role the Universal Force, our expanded self, sees for us to play. And we do it in such great joy and love.

We are all on the team and we’re all in the game. How are you playing the game? The time for half-heartedness is gone. It’s all or nothing. It’s your moment to step up and shine in the spotlight. It’s time to carry the team forward. 

Game on. Are you in?

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