The Master Within

by Egan Sanders -

There comes a time in an individual's spiritual evolution when every seeker/person on a spiritual or philosophical quest, must come to the realization that all higher knowledge, higher truth and all higher wisdom can only be revealed through their own being.

We all endure periods of doubt and fear and moments where clarity seems to elude us. At times like these, we all yearn for a hand to hold or more often, an inner foundation to stand on -- a place within ourselves that will rise up and elevate us into a position of strength and clarity.

We want our questions to be answered and our dilemmas to be resolved.

Many New Age explorers call this inner foundation the Higher-Self, or the Superconscious mind, while others refer to that well of wisdom calmly residing deep inside our minds, as the conscience or simply the clear voice of the soul.

Regardless of what name it is given, this part of the human psyche is eagerly sought after because on a more subtle level all humans are aware that once this inner voice is found, understood and listened to, one can then attain great wisdom and self-mastery.

Attuning to this opens the doorways to the infinite and when one accesses the infinite, all questions are answered, all dilemmas resolved.

Help Along The Way

Teachers can undoubtedly help you in this journey to the Higher-Self. Those in search of understanding need guides, people to appear at the right time in your growth to lead you to higher and higher levels.

These guides can help you avoid the classic pitfalls in spiritual growth: illusion, doubt, and the innocence of ignorance. They can and do hurry you along through lessons that might have otherwise gotten you permanently stuck, smoothing the way with their insightful thoughts and directions.

Being outside of you, they can be objective and are more readily able to see what's holding you back, or what you need to learn to quickly move on. This feedback and direction can be indispensable as long as it leads you to a greater awareness of your own power and less and less of an attachment to the teacher as you progress.

You must identify the success of your growth with your own effort and ability to be truly empowered.

Written information from books is also important. At this time in history, we are blessed with an unparalleled variety and abundance of teachings available to every member of our society.

Ancient scriptures sit alongside the latest book, giving us the opportunity to look backward and forward, as well as at the most interesting period of history one can experience, current history.

Books can be a wonderful foundation to build upon. The ideas of great philosophers can lift you to great heights. But why? The wisdom of these sages or beings must somehow resonate within you to truly affect and expand you.

If a reader cannot relate to an idea, or recognize a virtue within themselves, then how can any knowledge be received? Written wisdom is only helpful when it leads you back to yourself. Even this article is limited unless it sparks something in the mind of you, the reader.

Direct Experience

The ultimate form of knowledge can only come from experience. What a book says, or what a teacher relates, are truly only words until an individual comes to an understanding through direct experience. Experience transcends all forms of learning because, in those precious moments, you are communing with your own higher being.

It's the difference between happily admiring the Moon through a telescope in your backyard and actually travelling to the Moon and proudly standing in awe upon its surface.

We are all spiritual explorers and should never let another human being take that magical journey for us.

You can visualize, listen to channeled guides, sit at the feet of great masters or buy their videos; but the next time you are in turmoil, trust that you can ease your inner storm. If you have a question nagging at you, trust that you can ask yourself for the answer. Your mind will respond. Your Higher-Self, your Soul, will talk back to you.

Accessing The Inner

A simple exercise to access the Higher-Self is to sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, take a few slow deep breaths, and get relaxed. When you feel calm, formulate a question in your mind, ask it mentally, and then let your mind become silent.

It's important to give yourself a minute or so of inner silence for a response. Be patient and wait to see what you get back -- it may be a word or a phrase that pops into your thoughts, a picture could drift into your mind's eye, or you may just get a feeling.

The Higher-Self communicates in a variety of ways, so be flexible and open minded.

When you get an answer and you always will, take your response and see how it relates to your question. It may be a direct answer or it may guide you toward a plan of action. By working with this simple exercise on a daily basis, you will find that your Higher-Self is always sending you messages.

This exercise simply allows you to become receptive to that constant flow of messages being sent from your Higher-Self. You can do this in the morning or before bed or even just walking down a street. Try it and watch the results.

In time, you can create a dialogue with your Higher-Self. Work with this. Have fun experimenting with talking to your Higher-Self and you may just discover the greatest teacher you will ever encounter, the master within!

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