The Gift of Relationship

by Nina Ferrell -

Love, intimate personal love, brings to the surface all that from which we have been running, every single thing we have been keeping in the closets of our heart.

We have the choice, every time, to keep on running, to hide and turn our backs on these gifts, mistaking their wrapping for their contents or to turn back and embrace our open wounds.

We can choose to use these times of healing as the ground work for the steps to our greater selves, to greater understanding and compassion and to our Christ nature.

We make the error of seeing our partners as the be all and end all since they bring with them such a radiant reflection of our most beautiful facets – yet they are but an extension of our Selves, bringers of great tidings, the tidings that love is all there is and ever will be.

We can choose to see any sign of upheaval in our relationship as another chance to heal or we can choose to focus on it as a negative occurrence, from which we must run.

It must be said here of course that there truly are relationships that cannot be changed and at times like these we may need to consider the possibility that the lesson has been learned and that we need to release the teacher.

Our obsession with stability and our need for constant reassurance comes from a place of lack, from a place of fear and this is the reason why we tend to water a tree long after it has stopped bearing any fruit.

If we are able to remember, once again, that we create our reality and our abundance, that we create our relationships as vehicles towards our expansion, we will be able to let go.