Re-Ordering the World


 by Jennifer Hoffman -

We hear about the new world that is being birthed and wonder what else is going to have to be transformed before we can get back to the business of living.

If we have been sitting back, waiting for the changes to be completed so we can get back to ‘normal’ then we will be shocked when we realize the truth because never was, and has never been, a ‘normal’ paradigm for the world.

What we perceived as normal was only a brief snapshot of what is and has always been a shifting paradigm, an illusion created through the filters and belief systems that we hold individually and collectively.

We cannot go back to something that never really existed, no matter how much we want to be in that moment where we felt we were in control or knew what was going to happen next.

We have always been in the process of re-ordering the world, of shifting the illusion to reflect our own energetic paradigms as we worked to close old energetic cycles and bring in new ones.

The difference between then and now is that this time we are in conscious control of the paradigm, we just have to recognize it and use our power to re-order the world to fit these new energies.

The world always looks better from the perspective of the past, when we think back on the ‘good old days’ when life was quiet and predictable. Even if it was not what we wanted or there were power and control issues, we could, to some degree, accept that as inevitable.

We were in the same situation as many others around us and misery loves company. But as we have grown into our true, divine nature, we find many aspects of our current reality unacceptable, we see the flaws and disconnections within its fabric and the battle between the soul and the ego takes on new meanings.

The soul urges us to press on towards reconnection and our power, the ego wants to hold back and stay within what it knows. 

The more we resist the more our world gets dismantled as everything that is out of integrity with our power disconnects from us and we are, as many of us have experienced, looking at what used to be our life, wondering what we can salvage from the rubble the earthquake of disconnection has left behind.

While it may appear to be disastrous, this is our point of power where we get to re-order our world, to review each piece of the puzzle, to use what will work in our new world and release what doesn’t.

Creating a New Path  

The most challenging aspect of this new world is the knowledge that whatever happens next is our decision. The world is not going to tell us what to do, that is part of the old paradigm that we have just taken apart.

We have moved from destiny to creation, from following a known, well worn path to creating an entirely new one.

The new world is waiting for us to create new, fulfilling realities that express the potential of these higher energies.

While we stand around nervously, waiting for someone to let us know it is safe to proceed, the energies build until we get another sign that it is time for us to move forward.

Moving Forward 

In fact, we need to move forward because these new energies are many orders of magnitude faster and more responsive that anything we have ever known.

We do not have to wait months or years for things to manifest, they will manifest in weeks, days or sooner. But while it responds quickly, this energy does not always respond in ways that we anticipate.

We must be clear with our intention and in integrity energetically with what we wish to manifest.

So asking for something with having the beliefs and intention that support it simply will not work. What we will create will show us where we lack faith, clarity and integrity. There is no middle ground with this energy, we are either at its level or not and the results will show us where we need to make corrections.

Beyond Karma 

Prior to this time, we began each lifetime at the energetic vibration of a lifetime we left behind. This is why we spent so much time in the energies of our soul groups, working through lessons that we have repeated many times before.

This energy begins at a level that is well beyond karma, healing and past life lessons. We have been wishing and hoping for a new reality and here it is.

Have we become so accustomed to waiting that we do not know what to do now that we have arrived? Are we afraid that once we take that first step, no one will be there to greet us or will follow us into our new world?

Our Potential 
While we may think we need others’ guidance and supportive presence, we can take this journey alone.

In fact, we have always been on an individual journey, no matter how many people our life contained.

Where we may have been so intertwined in each other’s energy that we felt their life was ours too, as we re-order our lives and take back our power, we realize how scattered and diffused our energy has been.

Then we see what a small portion of our energy we have been using for ourselves and how much we have been giving to everyone else.

Re-ordering the world begins with us, how we choose to use our energy, embrace our power and consciously create the life and the world we wish to have.

Re-ordering the world has little to do with destruction and everything to do with moving energy, reclaiming our resources and remembering who creates the unfolding reality that is the expression of our potential.