Cultivating the Flow of Abundance

by Sharon Marquart -

Consciously open your heart, mind, mouth, your thoughts, words and actions to the flow of abundance. Observe yourself giving and receiving. 

Today let’s cultivate the flow of abundance. 

Use affirmations today that remind you that you live in the flow of abundance.
  • “I live in the flow of abundance.” 
  •  “I give and receive with ease.” 
  •  “I live in the flow.”

Repeating affirmations does several things. 
  • It creates new thought patterns in your mind. 
  • It creates new energy patterns in your aura. 
  • It creates new pathways in your brain that create hormones; chemicals that change the way you feel and the emotions you experience.

Remember that many of us live in what I call “default” programming. We go back to the ways we were programmed to experience life from childhood. 

When making a change, it is important to put forth extra effort in the beginning of the change so that the brain and chemistry of the body changes fully.

Open the Tap

I believe the Universe is the infinite supply of energy that is ever-expanding and in constant motion.

So when I open the tap by getting into the feeling of abundance – peace, love, joy, freedom, even asking for what I desire – there is no option for the Universe to respond with, “sorry you can’t have that, there is not enough, you have too much already, I’ll get to you later.”

When I use my mind to open the tap, to tune into the feeling of abundance, it is there energetically flooding every cell of my being. The Universe is actually doing what it is designed to do – EXPAND!

And when I keep the tap closed or at a slow drip because, “how can I feel peace when so many others don’t?” or “how can I have more, when so many others have nothing.?” I am actually taking myself out of the flow and shutting down the Divine creativity of the expanding Universe that WANTS to flow through me.

The choice is yours!

Live in the flow of abundance fully today.

Living at YES!

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