Our Most Powerful Gift


by Jennifer Hoffman -

The words you speak are powerful forces of creation. 

If you could see the energy behind your words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, you would use them very carefully. Yet you use words as a method of communicating with each other, unaware that you are also communicating on many other levels each time you speak.

How would you use your words if you knew that they were your tool for manifestation? Would you use different words if you knew that when you speak, you communicate with the entire Universe?

Each word you speak has an energetic resonance that attracts its equivalent and creates a form that corresponds to its vibration. So with each word you are creating form and structure, connecting with like energies, repelling others and creating new worlds.

If you could see this occurring on an energetic level, you would be aware of the activity that surrounds you each time you speak. This is why you must choose your words carefully, be aware of how they are being used and what you are both creating and attracting into your life.

Because you believe that words are a component of the physical world you do not associate them with their spiritual aspects. 

You believe that you use words to communicate on a physical level and through your thoughts and prayers you speak to the world of spirit. Yet you are always communicating with spirit through every type of communication.

Spirit is not selective, so each word you speak is given equal attention. Spirit is not judgmental so each word is regarded in the same way.

Your life unfolds multi-dimensionally with each word.

Every word has power and creates powerfully. 

You wish to know what your gifts are and yet your most powerful gift is one you do not acknowledge, the words you speak.

Remember that each word creates and there are no powerless words. They command the energies of the third dimension and bring form into being.

This is your power and gift, so use it with conscious intention. Be aware of the power you have to command your reality into being and to create the world that humanity shares.

Your words are your gift for creation; use them to create the life you want to live.