Unblemished Splendor

by Gloria Wendroff -

You are at a distance from life. 

Even when life overwhelms you, you are observing it. You are smack in the middle of it and yet you are a watcher on the sidelines. You watch your life. Your life moves, but you are immovable. It is as if you stand on the shore.

Even when you are in a frenzy, there is a part of you that is still, rolls over and says Ho-hum.

Your state of excitation happens as if without your participation. You are on a choo-choo that rumbles along over hill and dale. The ride may be bumpy, and you are jostled, yet, at the same time, you sit primly with your hands folded, a simple passenger on the train of life.

You watch yourself as in a mirror. Despite all that you observe happening, nothing is happening. You are stillness observing motion. The ship of life plows through the waves.

Whether your body is awake or asleep, you are watching as if with one eye open. There is a sense of your perpetuating life upon yourself. You play a role where you are onstage and offstage at the same time.

You observe yourself. You are the whole show wrapped into one. You seemingly see a beginning, a during, and an end, while you ride on an escalator that never stops and from which you do not step off.

Sometimes life seems otherworldly to you. Certainly there are other worlds you inhabit. They are seemingly beyond your ken, but not beyond your experience. You live in a many-tiered universe. You recollect little.

It is as if, you who are wholeness, have lopped off a little piece of yourself, half convincing yourself that the little piece of you amounts to everything. You have become myopic, beloveds. You repeatedly examine yourself under a microscope and forget that far-vision exists.

No matter, all will come out right in the end. 

You will walk out of a pool of light and remember yourself. You will re-mind yourself. You will be washed of all the knowledge you like to think you possess, and, so, you will be washed of ignorance and come out glistening. You will be like a new-born babe of the universe, and you will be a Knower.

All the past, present, and future will be washed away, and you will be your original Self, a powerhouse of love and glory, 

You will stand in a long line that has no one else in it. You will encompass the whole universe, and you will meet yourself in all directions, although directions such as east and west will not be recorded nor available. Directionless, you will be purposeful.

At this point, motionless, you will rise, not as a rocket, but as a tall figure rising from the sea without moiling the waves. You will be impervious, although that is not the right word. You will be invulnerable, yet that is not the right word either. There is nothing you will be vulnerable to so how can you be invulnerable?

You simply will be rising, and you will encompass breadth and depth, even though they do not exist. You will turn yourself inside out as it were and see that you envelop the universe, that it is all contained within you, that you are Vastness expanding.

Imagine a figure of light rising from the blue ocean. That is you. You are rising imperturbably. You rise. Water beads spin off from you. Dried by the sun, you keep rising, rising back to the unblemished splendor of your Self.

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