Opportunity for Deeper Love

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by Chrissie Blaze -

Awaken every morning and remember that today is the day. It is the day when all that has passed before you is gone and all your future dreams can be created anew. 

It is the day when you can choose to embrace love with your every thought, word and action. This is the most important day in all your life, for it is now.

First we should awaken to a life that is richer and more filled with love than the life we have now. 

This awakening comes through realizing that we are not physical beings trying to find spirituality; we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. Spirituality is our true home; our destiny is not about materialistic pursuits but to awaken to our innate spirituality. 

This journey is the spiritual path. To live fully in the moment, awakened to all life’s challenges and opportunities and filled with love, is easier said than done. 

However, every journey starts with a single step and it begins the moment we awaken from our slumbers each morning.

Each day is a blank canvas. 

At this time, there is stillness and quietude in the ethers as the new dawn of each day arises. There is a feeling of possibility, of optimism, of hope and of expectancy. 

Perhaps this day will be better than the last. Perhaps our time will come; our true destiny will finally be revealed. This could be the day of our lifetime. 

The day stretches out before us, as yet untouched by our desires, our choices, our mistakes and our achievements. There is a feeling of purity about the new day – and a freshness of hours and minutes as yet untouched. 

To live more fully, let us regard each day as an opportunity for deeper love.

As we awaken more fully to the divine spark within, we begin to glimpse our true strength and power. This is the same spark that we also share with the Sun, the stars and the galaxies. 

It is limitless in nature and fueled by the great preservative force of love. Within every life-stream, human or otherwise is this same spark, urging for expression; dimly in some and with great strength in others.

There are twenty-four hours in each day; a living dimension with cycle of choices, growth and evolution towards love if we choose. Time is not a linear thing that just measures twenty-four hours in each day. Each day is more than the number of hours it contains. 

It is a blank canvas upon which we can choose to paint the masterpiece of our own becoming or muddy it with the coarse tones of our ungrateful and unbelieving spirits. 

To live fully in the moment requires self-awareness. 

It requires mindfulness of our thoughts, emotions and actions, realizing that these have power to injure or heal.

As we awaken, even our mundane routines shall become as sacred rituals. When we raise our hands and hearts and offer a prayer of thankfulness for the day ahead, we help set our lives in harmony with the great Laws of Creation in which we live and move; think and feel; love and evolve.

excerpt from 'Deeper Into Love: 7 Keys to a Heart Based Spirituality'

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