The World, Your Canvas

by Gloria Wendroff -

If I were to express Myself as you often express yourself, you might hear Me say that I am alone in the wilderness and no one hears My pleas. You would never hear Me say that, feel that, think that. Do you yourself sometimes feel that way?

My one plea is that you hear Me. When you hear Me, you receive love. You acknowledge the love you receive. I tell you frankly, nothing can withstand My love.

I am well aware of how world life appears to you — often loveless. There is no such thing as lovelessness. The appearance of lovelessness exists. Yet, in other things, you know that appearances are not always so. Now I am telling you that the appearance of lovelessness is not true. The appearance is only an entertainment of focus.

There is something in My children that wants to be opposed to something. A tug-of-war holds an attraction to you. You like to lament the world. You may say you do not like to lament the world. If that were true, My beloveds, then why do you?

Why is the world held up as an object of scorn? Why do you knock it about in your conversations? Must you take the world in your hands, as it were, and shake it and scold it, knock it down, and cast it off as unworthy of you?

You have thought the world is to dance to your tune, that it had better straighten up and please you to a greater extent than it has until now. Then you will love it. Before you will love the world, you make conditions.

I say to love the world now. Love it with abandon. 

It is My creation. There is plenty in My creation to favor. Start putting your arms around the world now. Start putting leis around its neck.

Bless the World

Treat the world as well as you treat your horse. Do not kick the world. Give it a hand up. Bless the world. It needs your blessings. It is starved for your blessings. Heap your blessings on the world. Do not leave it to someone else. You are to serve the world as you would have it serve you.

Be noble to the world. 

You come from nobility, beloveds. Treat the world as it craves to be treated. No longer gossip about the world and how it has infringed on you. It has. I know that. Would you rather continue to complain about the state of affairs, or would you rather lift the world higher? What is it you really want?

I adjure you to show the world how it is to be. 

Show the world what it is to look like. Give the world another picture of itself. Be an artist. Be a spokesperson. Give the world a nice word or two.

You want the world to honor you. So honor the world, and it will reciprocate. Give the world an inch of appreciation and it will give you a mile. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Say thank you.

How many times have I told you to get out of the past? Where can complaints come from but from the past? Do you want to hold the world in its checkered past or do you want to free the world?

What matters from the past when there is a canvas in front of you now for you to paint on? Well, what do you want?

Be glad 

Perhaps when you get up in the morning, you can remind yourself what you are glad for. That would be a worthy reminder.

If you stub your toe getting out of bed, instead of cursing, be glad you can get up. Be glad you have a toe. Be glad there is a world spread before you and that you are alive in it and can make the world as you will simply by letting go of its past.

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