Re-Examining Reality as We Know It

by MariAngela Landau -

It’s important as part of our emergence from spiritual adolescence to spiritual adulthood to separate limiting historical beliefs from enlivening truth.

How do concepts or information become beliefs?

We are exposed to data in the form of information and ideas. We take in the information and concepts, digest and assimilate them and then adopt the data as fact.

These facts become beliefs and more often than not, our beliefs take up residence within us as truth. Our truths become convictions that we defend and protect as irrefutable dogma.

It is therefore vital as we continue our journey toward spiritual adulthood that we detach from the beliefs we’ve stockpiled, particularly those that come from external source authority. 

As we instead assess what resonates as the living truth within us, we become more inclined to rely on our own inner promptings.

As we rely more and more on our own inner promptings, a snowball effect commences.

The more we rely on our inner promptings, the easier it becomes to evaluate whether what we see, hear or read genuinely resonates as the living truth.

The more our ability to recognize and reclaim truths increases, the more relieved and satisfied we feel. The more relieved and satisfied we feel, the more fulfilled and grateful we become. The more fulfilled and grateful we become, the safer we feel. 

When we experience self-reliance, assessing and utilizing truth, when we have understanding and knowledge, we feel safe and when we feel safe, there isn’t much room for fear.

If we ignore these vital steps, we risk continuing to evaluate what we see, hear or read from our historical lens and will therefore likely continue to defend the prisons we are in.

Many of us become anxious and rigid in the face of change and therefore opt for their comfort zones of holding onto familiar beliefs.

Familiar beliefs reinforce the repetition of patterns and this paradigm shift insists that we accept that we cannot afford to remain stuck in repetitious patterns.

In addition, at this point in this evolutionary cycle, we are much more aware of our ability to create our own reality. That which we experience as our reality is based on our beliefs.

Indeed, our beliefs define our reality. Furthermore our beliefs influence our choices and our participation in life and many of our beliefs often dampen our deepest desires and distort the living truth that vibrates in our core.

All paradigm shifts ask participants to separate limiting historical beliefs from the living truth and to overthrow previous assumptions that don’t contribute to evolution.

All paradigm shifts are in fact, evidence that assumptions can be overthrown. History verifies that what once seemed impossible not only found its way into the mainstream but also acquired impeccable credentials along the way.

Furthermore, history substantiates that truths once considered heretical can now withstand not only questioning and revision but also recognition and acceptance.

The bottom line reason we incarnated at this time as participants in this paradigm shift is to graduate from spiritual adolescence to spiritual adulthood.

We are renegades and trailblazers and as such, we are encoded to graduate spiritually. This encoding predates all emotional, societal, psycho-spiritual and religious grids.

We’re encoded to explore uncommon knowledge about the mystical aspects of our origins and to re-examine reality as we know it as well as to overthrow previous beliefs and assumptions that don’t contribute to our highest destiny.

In the deepest part of ourselves, I believe that we long to become heralds of living truth and that when we allow this, any chains that have bound us dissolve, the knowledge encoded in our beings is activated and we become liberated broadcasters of our cosmic heritage.