Creating a Peaceful Mind

by Christopher Sell -

Your mind is immensely powerful. It may not always seem so, for you can have many different thoughts in your mind simultaneously, and they may not always be in agreement with one another. Your thoughts exist in layers also, so that many thoughts may be hidden from your immediate view by those that are closer to the surface.

Your mind is also a repository for thoughts, and many of the thoughts you might discover in your mind did not originate with you, but were gathered up at some time and stored away.

All of this makes your mind a busy place and the notion of a quiet mind may feel like just another thought to add to the busyness.

But a quiet mind is something that you can come to. A mind that is peaceful, in which you can find time to enjoy considering and knowing your wisdom and in which you can experience a oneness with the beauty of the Universe - all this is possible for you.

Knowing Your Thoughts

Learn to observe your own thoughts. Do this without judgement, so that even thoughts you might consider outrageous or reprehensible are viewed with love and compassion.

Behind individual thoughts notice attitudes and stances you hold (and perhaps have held for a very long time) towards reality and towards yourself. Recognise that none of your thoughts is necessarily telling you the truth.

You are not bound to believe your own thoughts. You are changing; a thought that was true for you even yesterday might not be true for you today.

Trusting Yourself

You are a child of God. How could you be anything less than infinitely beautiful? So trust yourself; trust the beauty of your own being.

Trust that by loving all thoughts and by knowing that you are free to change your thoughts you are releasing the thoughts that no longer serve you. Let the beauty of your being act as a magnet to draw to you thoughts that uplift, that raise your spirits and increase your ability to share the love that is your essence.

Allowing Flow

Thoughts move; your mind is not a frozen place. Some thoughts move so swiftly they've gone before you can catch them, others may move with glacial slowness but they all move.

You can allow thoughts to move more freely by releasing your attachment to them. The slowest moving thoughts tend to be those you've been attached to for a long time.

 You can release attachment by saying 'maybe' to an idea rather than insisting on saying either 'yes' or 'no' to it. Learn to feel safe not knowing as well as knowing.

Not knowing can be a very high state of consciousness; it is you allowing your mental body to be open and flowing and into that state knowing can come at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Nurturing Peace

Your thoughts travel far beyond you and have a powerful effect on others. Be at peace with this, for all your positive thoughts are many times more powerful than your negative ones.

At this time you can serve yourself and the world well by welcoming peaceful thoughts.

Every single peaceful thought you create or find adds peace to the world. Don't be concerned by unpeaceful thoughts, simply recognise them as giving you an opportunity to make peace with something you've been at odds with.

Each peaceful thought adds harmony. Each peaceful thought contributes to your quiet mind. Here is a peaceful thought you may like to use: 'All is well'.

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