Finding New Love

by Lori Moreno - 

Are you determined to begin the journey of finding new love?  

If you haven’t heard the song; Love Potion Number Nine, go to YouTube, search for it or click on the link.  The song itself is not meant to be serious yet everyone seems to be looking for that magic potion or secret to finding new love.  

Is it time for a new relationship? Are ready for a new adventure?  

Maybe you have been alone for a while and are seeking a person, partner, companion or whatever means to you, who will match your personality, desires and belief system.
We all love love; We love to love and we love to be loved.

What are you looking for?

What does your perfect partner look like?  How does it feel when you visualize it?  Create that feeling of what would it feel like to be with your perfect partner.  Imagine what kind of personality you’d like to see in them.  Love, what it’s all about!

Here’s a great idea: 

Create a “Finding New Love” journal and write with intention exactly what you are looking for.  It’s visualize and focus on what do you want?  What do you want to feel?  How does it make you feel?
Somehow there is magic in writing down what you desire, what it looks like, what kind of person are you looking for?  Also don’t forget what are you bringing to a potential relationship?  Do your homework and take the steps to improve things in your life.

Manifesting your soul-mate could almost jump right off the page and into your arms if you are specific enough and believe they have already shown up.  All you have to do it put yourself out in the public arena and at the right place and the right time it will manifest for you.  Visualize as already accomplished.
It’s important to reach a point where you absolutely love yourself and stay in love every moment of the day. Remember, this is your visualization!  Create what YOU want!

Here are some quick tips!
1.  Stop the Pity party! 
Stop speaking negatively about yourself.  It’s not helping you at all!  Self-depreciation will only validate and reaffirm to the universe your state of lack. 
2.  Believe in Yourself! 
You’re a wonderful, magical and terrific being who deserves only the best of everything.  This includes finding a new love that perfectly matches your desires.  You have to Believe in yourself! 
3.  Raise YOUR self-worth! 
You are worthy of manifesting happiness and your soul-mate in your life and more.  Know it, believe it and live it! 
4. Do the work on yourself everyday 
Are you truly walking your talk and living what you speak to others?  Be your authentic self because your only want someone to love you for who you really are. When you discover someone who interests you, find out what makes them happy. What are their interests?  
When you enjoy the same things, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot, and if you are only mildly interested in what they like, you can go with them and give it a try. Perhaps they’re into scuba diving and swimming although you simply cannot imagine getting your hair wet.   
Just support them in their interest and stay on the boat, lying in the sun, then have a fabulous lunch waiting for them when they surface.
Every day do something loving to surprise them with how amazing they are as a person.  Slip little notes in their pockets with uplifting quotes or even personal “why you are so special to me” messages.

Do a bit of extra work and figure out a few things both of you are interested in and take turns sharing the time together.  There are so many things two people can enjoy together.  Just figure out what it is and you’ll have a wonderful time finding new love to manifest bliss in your life!

Surrender and let the love flow in.

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