Receiving Your Reality

by Egan Sanders - 

A metaphysical concept that has seeped into the mainstream is the idea of “Creating your Reality”. We see it everywhere from TV talk shows, books, the Internet and all manner of religious and secular authorities sharing a somewhat similar message. 

From a wide variety of perspectives and in different degrees and words, they say; 'You create your life'.

Creating your reality can sound like work. It can feel like a worrisome burden to be solely responsible for getting your reality the way you want it to be. 

When you set an intention, creating actually becomes more about receiving. After you know what you want, the questions then become; are you ready to receive a new experience? Are you willing to receive new ideas, actions and beliefs that will form the new reality you are seeking?

1. Receive Clarity 
Do you know what you want? Take any situation that is not to your liking that you wish to change and tune into it. Ask yourself what is making you feel unhappy or uncomfortable? 
Once you identify what is not to your liking, then focus on what you would prefer to experience. When you are unclear about what you want to receive, the universe gets mixed messages. If you can simply acknowledge what is not working for you and imagine a positive alternative, you easily create awareness and clarity. 
2. Receive Peace 
Negative messages bombard us from within and without every day. It can be a challenge to choose peace. You may notice that certain negative thoughts, images and memories repeatedly play over and over again in your mind like TV reruns. Someone might even say something scary to you that activates fear. 
You can view these thoughts as if they are like the cries of excitable children who one moment are screaming about something trivial and the next moment laughing joyfully. 
If anything comes up that disrupts your peace of mind and you can take an action on it, then do so. If it is an abstract, vague fear, feel free to let it pass. It’s an old cliché but very true; most of the stuff we worry about never happens. 
3. Receive Love 
If only everyone would love us – all the time – no matter what – life would be perfect! Well, that is only one way to receive love- and an unpredictable one at that! 
endless supply of love can be accessed from within yourself. Are you willing to receive love? We do so many things to get love; the list is infinite. It can feel as if we are always reaching for it. What if we all really exist in a sea of unconditional love? 
What if there was a presence all around us that loved us all the time, every time, no matter what? You always have the choice to receive your own love, regardless of the outer circumstances. 
4. Receive Solutions 
When a challenge is presented it is often accepted as either an unchangeable problem or hard to change. Our minds can tend to look at life from only the ground level, while the Universal Intelligence – which we are all connected to – sees from all levels. 
If you let go of any ideas of how something can be changed or resolved and let go of when it will happen, you may see that solutions simply show up. 
The next time an apparent problematic situation comes up, remind yourself, “There is a solution to this. There is a way I can receive a satisfactory solution.” 
If you set an intention or a goal to clear something up, be prepared to change your perspective, your actions and/or change some beliefs to receive that solution.temporary. 
5. Receive Empowering Beliefs 
At the root of any of our life creations is a belief. What you have now comes from your beliefs. When you truly believe something, you act based upon those beliefs and those actions create your life. 
When something in your life is not the way you would like it to be, ask yourself, “Is there any belief I need to change to get what I want?” The way to receive empowering beliefs is to first question what you do believe. 
That means looking at what you are actually doing – your actions – as clues to what you truly believe. What you tell other people you believe is irrelevant. What you do – your actions – reveals your beliefs. When you change your beliefs and your actions, you can receive what you do prefer more easily. 
6. Receive Abundance 
Abundance can mean different things to different people. The way to receive more good into your life comes down to receptivity. Many people never even clearly ask for what they want. 
When you identify what you wish receive more of an abundance of, keep in mind the availability of oxygen. You breathe in and out all day long, every day, without much thought about the air supply; it is unconscious and automatic. 
What if what you wanted more of an abundance of was as easy to receive as breathing air? What if you did not need to search for it, worry about it or store it up for a rainy day? The essence of the abundance you want to receive is available but to receive it you must be aware that it is there for you and abundantly available. 
7. Receive Time 
Modern life rushes by for most people. It can feel like a blur of movement and activity with few rest stops in-between. Being flexible with your plans and doing what elevates your energy creates more time. 
When you have a choice between different actions to take, notice how each one “feels” to you. You will notice that when you think of an activity your energy level will either rise or drop. If it rises, this indicates right action.  
Dropping energy is a sign that what you are thinking about is either not the right activity, or that it is not the right time to take action on it. 
If you choose to do what raises your energy moment to moment you may experience a graceful timelessness where things happen easily and synchronicity smoothly guides you. It is not how much you can accomplish but the quality of how you use time that makes the difference. 

If you are receptive, you can receive the reality that you prefer. When you want to create a new reality, ponder what you can do to receive it more easily.

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