Making Empowering Decisions

by Jennifer Baltz -

Choosing Personal Power at Every Crossroads:

You know people who seem to have amazing internal reservoirs of strength. They come through tragedy and difficult times and they keep going, no matter what. 

They seem incredibly prolific and creative. They rise every time they fall. I think most people believe that we are only given a certain amount of personal power when we're born, kind of like charisma or good looks. A matter of genes and maybe luck but that's not true.

Even if you don't feel especially powerful within yourself, you can cultivate and grow your power through your thoughts and actions.

Each time we make an empowering choice, we release fear and bring in light. Each time you make a powerful choice, it makes you stronger—just like exercising.

A powerful choice makes you feel good about yourself— stronger, more capable, more aware. We have many opportunities to make these choices daily. They can be seemingly small decisions like choosing a healthy snack—or large ones, like deciding to train for a marathon or to speak in front of a big audience. 

Most pivotal are those choices between doing what is true to your soul and what is not. They usually mean stretching outside your comfort zone and trying something new.

Sometimes a decision looks scary, maybe it means being different, doing something that your peer group hasn't tried. But each time we make an empowering choice, we release fear and bring in light.

Decision-making is risky business, you can make a fabulous mistake just as well as a fabulous success.

Read biographies and you'll find that famous people throughout history have made huge mistakes. For example, did you know that writer Mark Twain went bankrupt after a string of bad business decisions? But he turned it around.

He created good out of bad by going on a round-the-world lecture tour to repay his creditors even though he didn't have to. He not only created a fantastic experience for himself; he also inspired thousands of people across many cultures with his fresh perspective and ideas.

Your personal power is deeply connected to that positive "little voice" within you. 

 You could call it conscience, intuition, or your connection to God—I think it's all three. Those inner "God Whispers" show you where your spirit wants to go.

We all have areas where we need to grow our personal power. For instance, I love to write. But I tend to get stuck a lot, too. I procrastinate. Sometimes I wait until the last minute. And yet, when I do sit down to write, it comes naturally to me.

So why do I "donkey" beforehand? Well, I tend to put everyone and everything else first, often my writing comes at the end of the day. So for me, an empowering choice means putting my writing first and letting the world wait a bit.

Each time I put writing first, I grow my craft and my personal power. I become a stronger person by spending more time with my creative abilities. I become more deeply connected with Source.

There are many ways to grow your personal power but they all involve making empowering decisions without judging your mistakes. 

A powerful decision can mean asking for help when you don't know how to do something or delegating your weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths.

Tiny steps are cumulative…they help us own our inner power. You'll often find that even the smallest decision steps can yield amazing results.

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