Root Causes of Illness

by Phylameana lila Desy -

Getting to the Origin of Pain and Suffering:

Treating physical symptoms (pain, injury, infection, etc.) is the appropriate action to take to ease dis-ease.

However, after a level of comfort or ease has been attained it is helpful to explore the possible root cause that led you to succumb to a specific illness.

With this information you will be better equipped to squash or eliminate vulnerabilities and susceptibilities that could affect recurrence.

Root Issues

Our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are also vulnerable to root issues erupting and causing energetic imbalances.

Mowing the lawn and cutting down the flower or leaf at the stem of a weed will not stop the offending plant from returning.

You need to burrow down into the earth and eradicate the whole plant in order to kill it off completely, otherwise it will reappear. Cutting it will likely slow down its growth but that's all.

This is the same concept with dealing with physical illness and energetic imbalances, treating the "showy" symptoms is not enough.

We must dig deeper, discover the cause, and treat the root issue in order to bring about a complete healing.

Depending on how deep a root cause is, healing can take a while. It may take months or years, and in some cases, a lifetime.

Just remember, healing is a journey.

It is actually best to treat imbalances in the early stages before they have had the opportunity to take root and manifest into the physical body.

For example in the case of hereditary dis-eases, taking life style precautions (i.e. healthy diet, regular exercise) is an appropriate preventative measure.

Even in the event of "catching a germ" root causes cannot be overlooked entirely.

One might ask himself why he caught the bug from a co-worker when other employees in his work place were unscathed by their exposure to the same influenza virus. What's up with that? Immune deficiencies have root causes too.

Root Cause of Imbalance Origins Include:

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