It’s a Universal Redirect!

by Jackie Lapin -

Tired of making or encountering mistakes? What about hitting the wall? How about running into Murphy’s Law? You make plans and God laughs?

Then there are 'problems', 'challenges', 'issues', 'dead-ends', 'failures', 'disasters', disappointments', 'hiccups'...  I can go on and on.

Now hear this! These obstacles are not what you think they are. Forget those old labels. 

What you are experiencing are 'Universal Redirects!'

How many times have you obsessed over what went wrong, perhaps blaming others or yourself?

How often do you keep trying to work through something that isn’t working?

How much time have you wasted pushing a rock up a hill? How long have you hung onto problem clients or miserable relationships?

These are all symptoms that you have not yet realized that the Universe is offering you valuable information.

Try something different! Change your attitude. Change your actions. Change your expectations. Change your team. Change your route. Change your job. Change your intention. Change your partner. Let go of this course of action!

Many people ignore the gentle nudges that the Universe offers until they get hit with a sledgehammer. But all along the way, they’re being redirected to new, more life-enhancing choices. Now here’s the catch: If you don’t do it, the Universe will do it for you!

I experienced this about 12 years ago when I was running my $2 million bicoastal public relations agency. It had become a burden—the fun had gone out of it.

Instead of doing creative PR for my clients, I was chasing money to pay my enormous overhead. And furthermore, my heart was elsewhere, loving a hobby business that I had created selling mineral spheres.

I saw the signs but just kept trying to juggle clients, vendors, and employees—with challenges everywhere. The business was imploding on itself and I couldn’t cut the cord.

Finally, three clients all went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the same month, owing me $150,000! That was a very big ouch and it was the last straw. I finally closed up the business, found another opportunity for myself immediately and ultimately relaxed into enjoying life again after finding a way to settle with my creditors. 

The Universe was redirecting me to something far more life-enhancing than that stressful meat grinder I had suffered through those last two years.

When you hit a roadblock, instead of railing against fate, ask yourself: “What is this Universal Redirect all about? 

How can I look at this objectively, step aside and think differently?” 

You’ve heard the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” 

Apply that to your Universal Redirects and you will begin to see that each one is a blessing in disguise. There are no mistakes, no errors, no accidents, no missteps, no faults…There are only Universal Redirects!

Use these wonderful nudges as your guide early on and you will find your life being easier and more effortless.

Tune into the universal language of course correction and you will be rewarded with greater and quicker success, more peace and joy, less struggle and greater abundance.

Just remember, if it’s too hard, you’re being called for a Universal Redirect!

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