Fifth Dimensionality

by Suzanne Maresca - 

Wondering about emotions in the higher dimensions?  Is there fear? 

Ashira: There is ‘Fight or Flight’. And that is very different from fear … because fear is simply how human beings have experienced, or shall we say, nourished fear – they’ve made it their best friend!

When we say something to you, or to ourselves, that we are on ‘High Alert’ for example, that can mean anything – that there is a tumultuous asteroid shower, to we are getting ready to land – and it can be filled with joy and excitement … but we do not live in fear. That is what you do, when you are living in that cycle – in that wheel – of the past, you are living in fear because you think that what happened either yesterday or two thousand years ago is going to definitely repeat. You do not even really tend to give it a lot of latitude, so of course you are calling in those very creation codes even those who have these thoughts.

SM: So do we have ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanisms? 

Yes, that has not been taken away. Are we aware of what fear looks, or tastes, or smells like? Yes, and that capacity is something that we have kept attuned within all of us – and I will tell you why. It is like an internal radar, so if we encounter someone – now we are not talking about a human coming on board ship, there is always a level of nervousness and even a trace of fear – but what we are talking about is each other.

If we were to encounter – and this has not happened in hundreds of years, let me tell you that – if we are to encounter, say, a colleague, or a new arrival from a distant quadrant, and they come on board and we perceive fear in them, then it is a warning bell to us that either they are fearful of being discovered because they are up to something that is not of Light and Love and ethical behavior, or they are afraid of us and what we may or may not do.  This immediately informs us of some of their planetary or Galactic history…that that nervousness is still there, so we immediately do things energetically and actually – physically – to allay those fears.

But fear is often something that people – Galactic and otherwise – try to hide, so we have radar for fear, we know what it is, we know how to address it. But do we live in fear is your question? No. There have been times when on Earth, particularly in the United States of America, where your Military has been put on high alert and actually launched to threaten us, prevent our landing. Our reaction to that fear, because that is an action born of fear, is not reciprocal to act in fear. We understand it, but we do not mirror it.

So for example, when you have all your fighter jets and your arsenal of missiles aimed at us because we have let down our screens, our reaction is not fear – if anything it is compassion. But then we will retreat because we see that our actions cannot result in violence.  And if we ‘read the tea-leaves’ as it were, that the reaction is going to be violence, then we simply put up our screens of invisibility...

SM: OK. Could you talk about how conflict resolution looks for you … surely there are disagreements, I mean you’re all different people and individuals and you do have more of a group mind than we do, but surely there’s got to be conflict of some sort?

Ashira: There are conflicts. You have a saying on Earth, which we like –‘Get over it!’ We do not allow – by joint agreement, both formal and informal – we do not allow conflict to fester. Not upon our ship, the Neptune, not throughout our Fleet and that is true of all the Fleets. What we have found over the years, many many years, is that conflict is best addressed ‘head-on’ – never in a way that is considered confrontational. Again the only reason that conflict primarily tends to emerge is either because of fear or feelings of lack of self-worth, or feelings of exaggerated ego or self-worth.

SM: So how do we address this? 

Ashira: When, and particularly because we are in what we have talked about – a confined environment, you can not allow conflict to grow – it would be highly disruptive and destructive. When conflict is identified, and there are a number of ways in which it is identified, it can be identified either by the individual or by family or by colleagues or friends, everybody has the responsibility – not merely the right – but the responsibility to speak up when conflict seems to be occurring, and we do this so that it does not escalate. Then it is addressed – your expression would be ‘nipped in the bud’.

Initially, when there is conflict say between two people, there is encouragement – and we mean formal encouragement – for these two individuals to talk. Depending on the level of tension they are either encouraged to use Intergalactic language so there is no hidden meaning, or even to speak in Perro which is an Intergalactic language developed after the Intergalactic Wars which has no emotion, so it communicates perception of facts but it is not charged with feeling. A similarity in your culture would be non-violent communication.

If the two people involved sit down and are not able to reach a place of agreement – and we don’t simply mean agreement in terms of, “Well I agree to simply ignore you” – to us that is not agreement. There has to be a return to what we would call unity consciousness – and what you are learning also as unity consciousness. If that is not forthcoming, or if the initial identification of the conflict is of such a nature – of such a tense feeling – then immediately a negotiator, a third party, is introduced. And many many on ship and throughout the Fleet, all of the Fleets, are trained in this area of being the negotiator – mediator would be your term.

And it is for the mediator to assist the two parties, or the ten parties – but we are talking personal conflicts still – to come to agreement and resolution. And resolution isn’t simply tolerance – it is truly the return to the appreciation of that soul, and the elimination of the fear, the angst, the tension etc. Many on ship are trained in this so, in addition to their other responsibilities, many have this as something that they do on a voluntary basis because it promotes peace, tranquility, serenity, work ability amongst us – it is a given.

("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira Returns for a Further Discussion on Galactic Life," channeled by Linda Dillon at

Now, there has been much talk about ascension, much talk of moving from third dimensional consciousness into fifth dimensional, and truly the numbers do not matter. Ones have said, “Well, what happened to fourth dimension? Did I just go past it in my sleep?” Well, you can say that.

Fifth dimension, as you have defined it, is the place where you find yourself ascending into peace with yourself and with other ones and with what is happening in the world.

"Jeshua: Do You Know How Blessed You Are?" as channeled by Judith Coates at

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