The Key To Becoming Whole

by Elina St-Onge -
  • Do you seek for excitement to avoid boredom?
  • Do you seek for social connections to avoid solitude?
  • Do you seek for love to avoid feeling unloved?
  • Do you seek for passion to avoid calm?
When our intentions, decisions and aspirations are driven by the desire to avoid whatever we haven’t made peace with, we are missing the point.

We set ourselves up for a constant escapism of the one thing that truly has value: Here and Now. 

If we feel boredom, solitude, unloved or unsatisfied when not reaching out for something, for attention, for interaction, for food, for love, for entertainment or whatever we use to fill the ‘void’… then let’s feel it. 

Let’s consciously choose to experience ourselves with the choice of not meeting our mind’s needs. And let’s find peace in that. 


By observing the perception of lack for what it is: a story we tell ourselves.

The void we fear, the silence we dread and the solitude we avoid is in fact a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to get reacquainted with our very presence – our soul.

True excitement, true bliss, true connection, true love, true inner-peace, true passion… all of it occurs naturally when we do not seek for those things to complete us but simply when we become whole within our presence. 

What is the key to become whole?

It is to realize that we already are.

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