How to Trust in the Hardest Moments of Your Life

by Mike Iamele -

Trust. This is a hard one, huh? 

My whole life, I’ve been afraid to trust. I’ve been afraid to totally and completely let go of control. To just allow things to play out on their own course. I can’t do a trust fall without catching myself. And it pains me to not know what the future will hold.

I think that’s one of the hallmarks of a perfectionist—being afraid to trust. 

Being afraid to not have your hand on the steering wheel at all times. Because what if life leads you into a ditch? What if you veer off course? What if there is no destiny, and everything really doesn’t happen for a reason, and we’ve wasted our entire lives on trusting?

There’s so much uncertainty and we humans like certainty.

Right now, I’m putting in offers for condos—competing with many others for each. And we’ve already lost one place to a higher offer. I’m out there doing book signings and promoting my book. I’m launching a new mastermind and I truthfully have no idea where I’ll be six months from now.

Maybe in a new home. With a totally new business model and starting my next book or maybe with no home and a failed new offering and no book deal. Who knows?

The strangest part about it all is I trust. 

I trust that it will all work out one way or another because it has to and because I deserve it. 

Because the best things in my life have all happened when I let go of the fear and anxiety and stress—and just trusted.

Like when I got really sick, and I was scared for my life, I got better and found a new path in life.

Or when I had an accident at work—arguably the most embarrassing moment of my life, I cleaned myself up, and—with the help of colleagues—snuck out. 

Or when I fell in love with Garrett and wasn’t sure how it was going to work. It eventually worked out and brought me the greatest love of my life.

In all of the hardest moments of my life, I had no choice but to trust that this was happening for me, not to me. And that it was an opportunity to learn more about myself—about self-acceptance. Because that’s all success is. That’s all it ever is.

All it takes is a little trust.

Despite what we want to belief, we can’t control everything. 

The things we want most in this world are out of our control—that’s just how life works. Love, prosperity, fame, success. In some way, it’s all reliant on the outside world, other people, the rest of the Universe’s plans.

No matter how hard we push or strive or try, it might not happen or us. In fact, we might be closing ourselves off to the miracles that happen when we trust. 

Like how getting sick is a nightmare, except it might push you on a new path. Or falling in love with a straight friend doesn’t make any sense, until it opens your eyes to even more love and losing a condo seems devastating, until you fall in love with the next one.

One day you don’t just trust—you know—that the world will work out for you and you slowly release that grip. You surrender to whatever’s happening for you—no matter how miserable it seems. 

You’re okay not seeing the road totally laid out before you because you’re here—in this present moment. Doing the best you can. 

Living it the most successful way you possibly know how and you hope that’s enough for the future you want. No, you know that’s enough for the future you want.

Because you’re enough. You’re enough already to have the life you’ve always dreamed of. All you have to do is trust that it’s true.

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