Divine Relationship Building Tips

by Arleen Hannich -

Your Personal Relationship With the Divine:

Every individual can enjoy a personal relationship with the Divine if they wish to, no matter where they are in life. Yes, your relationship with the Divine may FEEL one-sided in the beginning, but soon you'll notice subtle changes that help you recognize the Divine's presence with you.

Perhaps you'll feel a physical sensation when calling on the Divine, or you'll ask a question and receive the answer "automatically" through an "unexpected" source.

You may notice synchronicities and "little" miracles in your life, or feel the Divine's very practical assistance with timing or planning. You may "know" things you have "no way" of knowing or see beauty where you saw no beauty before.

Perhaps you'll wake up one morning with a love song from the Divine playing in your head or the Divine will leave a note for you in the form of a billboard or a license plate. The possibilities are endless. Don't hold out for a "burning bush." Every time you experience the Divine, celebrate! 


Here are eight practical tips to help you start enjoying your relationship with the Divine.

1. Start from where you are. 

No matter where you are right now in your relationship with the Divine, you're in a great place to start building (or continue building on) your relationship.

2. Set Intention.

Set the intention to have a close, enjoyable relationship with the Divine. Write your intention down. Keep it in front of you at home and at work.

3. Model your relationship. 

Model your relationship with the Divine after relationships you already love. How did you develop your favorite relationships? What do you do to maintain them? Make a list.

For example, in my favorite relationships, we: talk frequently and really listen to each other, make time for each other, share our fears as well as our excitement, have fun and laugh together, rely on each other in times of need, share different perspectives and things we're learning, share resources and love/support each other as unconditionally as we possibly can. When your list is complete, use it as a "cheat sheet" to remind you how to relate with the Divine.

4. Be open and honest. 

Be open and honest and the relationship will be meaningful and fulfilling.

The more vulnerable you are, the more support you can receive. In your relationship with the Divine, be honest about ALL your feelings--not just the pretty ones.

Feel your emotions fully, even the ones you would much rather avoid or deny.

5. Pay attention. Listen. 

Sometimes we get so busy barking requests at the Divine, we forget to listen for the response. It is as important to listen as it is to express yourself.

Allow yourself the time and the space to receive. Know upfront that responses may not come immediately or in the form that you expect. Be on the lookout for how the response does come to you.

6. Express your gratitude. 

Stumped for something to feel grateful for? How about your pet, your child, or something in nature?

7. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. 

You are an aspect of the Divine, a Divine creation. If you reject yourself, you are rejecting the Divine. If you are unable to love yourself, ask the Divine for help. In the meantime, offer yourself some compassion, like you would to a good friend.

8. Accept new opportunities. 

Remember that the Divine has a much bigger picture of you and your life than you do, and don't limit yourself to receiving only the gifts and information you request.

Keep an open mind. Don't be surprised when you receive an insight to do something that you find totally unexplainable. Follow that insight. See where it leads you.

The unfolding and blossoming of your relationship with the Divine is not a linear process, no matter how much your mind may want it to be.

While you have great power to shape and contribute to this relationship, you are not in control of this relationship--the Divine is.

You wouldn't take a rosebud and start tearing the petals open in order to see the rose in full-bloom, so PLEASE don't place that kind of pressure on yourself or this relationship.

Relax, you can't get this wrong. 

Know that the Divine loves you and wants to be with you and enjoy the fruits of nurturing this wonderful relationship!

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