Empathic Grounding

by Kyra Mesich, PsyD - 

A Vital Part of Empathic Protection:

Grounding is one of the most vital and healthy self-care activities you can do. It is easy and should be done on a regular basis.

What exactly is grounding?

Grounding is the process of bringing your energy in harmony with the resonance of the earth. Grounding slows, calms, and infuses you with strength and steadiness. It is a vital practice for everyone, but particularly for sensitive people who may often feel "wound up," "ungrounded" or drained by their surroundings.

Grounding is also important because our modern lifestyle sometimes rips us away from the healing, strengthening qualities of nature and the earth.

Luckily, you don't have to go on a woodland retreat to reconnect with nature. Grounding can easily be done in various way around your own home:


1. Garden Mindfully. 

The next time you work in your garden, yard, or tend to your houseplants, take time to truly notice the plants. Pay close attention to the shapes of their leaves, the saturated color of the flowers, and feel their textures. We often take plants and trees for granted, never taking the time to appreciate their spectacular diversity.

2. Grounding Bath. 

A bath can be made grounding with bath salts (or with Epsom Salt from your drugstore for a less expensive alternative). Salt is very grounding and purifying. In your next bath, add salts and picture the salt extracting your worries and unwanted energies, while you feel yourself connecting with water and earth.

3. Eat Grounding Foods. 

Many foods are very grounding including root vegetables (such as carrots and potatoes) and unrefined grains. Cooking with plenty of herbs and spices enhances the grounding quality of your meals.

4. A Regular Routine. 

The times when we feel most "spacey" and vulnerable often coincide with feeling our lives are "out of control." You may be on autopilot all day, meeting the needs of one demand after the next. Bedtime comes and you realize another day has past during which you never stopped to breathe, ground, or take care of yourself.

Setting a regular routine of self-care may help you. Allot time in the early morning, afternoon, AND evening for yourself. Even if it is just 5 minutes each time, use these times wisely to breathe slow, deep breaths, meditate, and ground. Your day will take on a much different tone with this slight adjustment to your schedule. Make these self-care times part of your daily routine, and stick to it!

If you are a parent with small children, use your child's nap time, favorite TV time, and a time when your partner can watch the children to implement these small, but extremely important self-care rituals.

5. Trees. 

Get to know the trees in your neighborhood and nearby parks. Many of us walk, jog or run for stress-relief when all the while we are zooming past one of the best stress-relievers on the planet - trees! Trees are more than happy to help teach you how to ground. During your next walk, take time to stop and notice particular trees that stand out to you. They may be particularly majestic or unusual. Feel the tree's bark, appreciate its form, and let the tree's energy flow through you. Especially take the time to get to know the trees on your property.

6. Grounding Meditation. 

Grounding meditations should be a regular part of your meditation practice. Following is an example of a grounding meditation. If practical, try this meditation outside sometime, on the ground, or near a tree. If you are sitting inside, make sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor.

Quick Grounding Meditation
Sit peacefully and relax. Let the ground or chair support you. Let your muscles go. You don't have to exert any effort to sit there. 
Take in an easy, deep breath...and let it out your mouth, parting your lips slightly as you exhale. Let your arms feel heavy, pulling down your shoulders. 
Breathe... Let that heavy feeling flow down your torso and legs, so you feel heavy and relaxed all the way down to your feet on the ground.
Now picture and feel roots growing from your feet down into the ground. Just like a tree's roots...going down into the layers of cool dirt...growing around rocks...traveling further and further down into the earth. Let the roots grow as deeply as you wish. 
Now feel the healing, rhythmic energy of the earth itself flowing up through your roots...slowly traveling up...through your roots, up to your feet and quickly filling your entire body. 
Feel this positive, grounded, earth energy throughout your being. Take in a deep, cleansing breath... and release. 
When you are ready, open your eyes and know that this grounded energy will remain with you throughout your day.

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  1. Hi,
    This is a great meditation and routine to get into, thanks for sharing it with us. I will try it!!
    Take Care,
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