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"It's dawning on us that 
something creative—something new
is pressing within us to emerge." 
--Barbara Marx Hubbard


Work by Paul Raskin

President of the Tellus Institute

The Great Transition: Journey of an Idea

The jury is still out on whether the Great Transition Initiative’s hoped-for Great Transition will be realized; its achievement rests on the emergence of a planetary movement of concerned citizens buoyed by the conviction that together they can change the world.

How to change the world? Those concerned about the dangerous drift of global development are asking this question with increasing urgency. Dominant institutions have proved too timorous or too venal for meeting the environmental and social challenges of our time. Instead, an adequate response requires us to imagine the awakening of a new social actor: a coordinated global citizens movement (GCM) struggling on all fronts toward a just and sustainable planetary civilization.

Personal to Planetary Transformation

Our World
We are living in a time of whole system transition on a personal and planetary scale that affects every aspect of life as we know it. Patterns of possibility are emerging that have never before been available to all the earth’s people and to the whole planet. Two million organisations are working toward ecological sustainability and social justice, according to Paul Hawken.  

Millions of individuals are self-organising to make a better world in spite of the negative factors that threaten to destroy us. Technological innovations and collective wisdom have created unprecedented opportunities for change. The revolution in communication technologies and the Internet have made it possible to connect all people in the world for the first time in human history. The new science of consciousness is revolutionizing our attitudes and worldviews, and the interdependence of all life is now an established scientific fact. Read more



The power that is emerging all around us -- emerges through "convergence" -- a profound "coming together" that is stunning and overwhelming and amazing and thrillingly beautiful. The door to this process opens through "surrender" and humility -- and true honesty and balance and kindness, and many virtues. It is a mystery of "all my relations", as the First Nations people say -- all held in unity and kindness -- and converging at the center.
My guess is -- we will build bridges from this center to "everywhere" -- just as Black Elk suggests in his vision. Flowing through this entire framework, as its "vertical axis" is the universal center as envisioned by Teilhard deChardin. This axis -- is the "Axis Mundi" of world mythology and esoteric mysticism -- and it is the "trunk of the sacred tree of religions". The power in all of this -- flows because this entire framework is a workable network design -- as per this diagram.

Infinite Hoop This directly relates to a guiding quote from the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations: "We all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence. This house, dedicated to work and debate in the service of peace, should have one room dedicated to silence in the outward sense and stillness in the inner sense."

Feb. 2015
I think there is a "universal sacred method" (or path) emerging. I want to formalize it a bit, in ways that can be brought into the world as the basis of an ethical/spiritual/interspiritual alliance. In essence, it's about centering -- and includes the principle of "centering prayer" as developed by Father Thomas Keating -- and also, the principle of "resonant hub" or "resonant core group", as introduced into the world by futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. This image shows the two of them, under a common "axial alignment" -- a principle of centering -- that extends across all levels --


Oct. 11, 2014


This idea keeps converging. Maybe this is the simplest kind of direct "oneness activism" possible. The point is -- every person and every organization is "different" -- or, more accurately, very similar in some ways, different in some ways, and absolutely unique in some ways. In that context, where does "oneness" come from? Seen through the synthesizing lens of collaborative tagging, a million little pieces all overlap and come into focus, forming the big picture that is impossible to see in the small. One of the intriguing elements is -- this process has a natural "center" -- like a mandala, it has a natural center-point -- and like a mandala -- that center-point can remain a mystery -- never absolutely defined, always defined relative to the millions of points that surround and relate to it....

Bruce Schuman Proposal

Architectural design for a new world

Sept. 03, 2014

It feels like this is starting to happen. I posted a brief project description on the NCDD/Transpartisan mailing list a few days ago and Integral Leadership Review editor Russ Volkmann asked me to write an article for the magazine. So I did that yesterday and I can feel these pieces falling into place.

The "affinity" aspects of the project involve fast-click tag clouds, where the options are taken from lists that are customized for specialized demographics we want to pull into a single resonant/constructive conversation. 

The basic frame of the system is a concept from Barbara Marx Hubbard, that she calls "Pattern of the Whole" -- which revolves around her concept of the "wheel of co-creation."

Pattern of the Whole

Pattern of the Whole is an "integral tag cloud" that contains and integrates all facets of Network Nation. "Everything is connected to everything else" through Pattern of the whole."

This amounts to a kind of populist category system for organizing the full range of social issues and aspects, and though in some ways simplistic, can be interpreted in ways consistent with the "Dewey Decimal System" -- which can make it a powerful and high-capacity way to catalog a huge array of floating elements that can "come together in wholeness" through a single integral design. At the moment, this seems very potent, and do-able.

So, the Leadership Affinity Network would involve a focused outreach to specific demographic groups -- "the women's movement" -- "the interfaith movement" -- "the integral politics movement" -- etc. -- each in a customized way. If we wanted to pull together religious and spiritual groups into a common interspiritual framework, we could write customized invitations for distinct religious/spiritual groups, always emphasizing common ground but approaching that theme in ways that acknowledge the special/unique perspective of each tradition.

In the fields of religion and spirituality and ethics, we can work on developing a common/shared moral/ethical center. 

In the context of politics and governance, we can link hundreds of concerns together, and propose to link them through the emerging common moral/ethical center. 

In the field of "group process", we can find hundreds of process facilitators and "circle conveners" who have the skills and instincts to help nurture things like this, and engage them from their own particular angle.

And on "issues" -- the hundreds or thousands (literally infinite number) of issues of concerns that divide the human community -- we can hold all of that together in a common frame and negotiate the entire process through balance and resonance.

Yes, a rather huge thing to be thinking about or proposing. But -- it somehow feels workable. Let's see what happens....


Personal and Societal Transformation

'Justice is love in calculation' -MLK

In Kosmos Online, Michael Edwards reflects on this powerful idea as a key, then and now, to personal and societal Transformation.


Bruce Schuman
Sept. 04, 2014

Design Thinking Students  Looks a lot like the "Leadership Affinity" concept. 
Design from the bottom up, fully inclusive & heading towards an empathy/affinity based form of unity.

This theme of "affinity" seems to offer an important key for building substantial unity in a world context of high diversity. Don't expect people to agree on broad abstract principles. Instead, offer them thousands of smaller specifics, and enable them to choose those that work for them. If ten of us click the same thing, we're converging. Offer a thousand or ten-thousand things to click, and our common ground will become solid.

This is the "resonant tag cloud" approach to building cultural unity at high scale. There are many demographic groups we could approach, inviting them into this "cloud", each in their own way, each emphasizing those facets of the whole towards which they are most magnetized. 

Honor these natural divisions and borders and boundaries -- and then offer fully resonant ways to cross those borders in any way anyone desires.

This morning, I created a simple graphic that illustrates this. At the local level -- or at the level of any individual or unique organization -- offer a way to collect and enter "tags" into a common framework.

Then upstream these uniquely gathered local tags into a common framework, where they can can be correlated and cross-connected -- and who knows, maybe collaboratively edited and polished.

The Oneness movement is a great thing, and probably a legitimate foundation for all spirituality -- and all religion -- and the "interspirituality"  that supposedly can connect it all, around a common vision and a common ethic.

But not enough people in the Oneness movement understand the preservation of diversity. They somehow assume that all human differences -- on every possible subject -- will all melt into one natural perfect harmony at some magic moment in our evolution.

If anything like this can happen, it's going to depend on exquisite orchestration. Human differences are not going away -- and the world would be a dreary and probably deadly place if they did. "Cultural diversity" is just as vital to the life-energies of civilization as "biological diversity" is vital to the energies of an organic ecology.

How do we do this? How can we invoke and construct it in a conscious and coherent way -- in accordance, as some might suggest, with some "divine plan" or "perfect archetype of oneness or community"? 

My instinct is -- yes, there is a way to do this. We're figuring it out together. And maybe this image can help clarify some of the confusion and controversy.
STARTING POINT Starting point for a transformative network. Get one-thousand local foci like this, converging into a common framework. Build unity from the bottom up. This is "pure listening". After we see a lot of this, we'll have a strong picture of the whole -- and maybe then, offer some powerful integral ideas on how it all connects... Bridge from the Local to the Global

Sept. 05, 2014

We are poking around, looking for the new activism that can unfold this broad idea. Maybe Coffee Party should consider this kind of organization. It's a super-good model of "we the people" -- see the interview of Parker Palmer (Healing the Heart of Democracy) in the New York Times today
A methodology that aims to ease partisan divide through personal connections could have advantages both in politics and personal life.


Sept. 4, 2014


As human beings we are constantly bombarded with countless messages that come in myriads of forms, shapes and lines, as thoughts, symbols, dreams, communication, etc., with the Internet and Technology playing an ever-growing and powerful role.

We are indeed part of the Big Mind.... we are shaping our world and we are being shaped by the world through these messages and our interpretation of them.

When we listen closely we hear the call... 

"We Are All One, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent with God/Life/One-another".....

      and miraculously our connection and communication with the billions of others in the space of the Global Brain reflect our conscious connection and communication with our Self... ensuring that we co-create the sustainable world of peace and prosperity for everyone that we have all been dreaming of, instead of re-creating that which we do not want.


Wholeness, Interconnectedness and Co-Creativity

Co-intelligence can be defined as the ability to use wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity to collaboratively guide the evolving coherence of life and understanding towards greater wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity.

To get a better grasp on what this means, let's explore how we would deal with intelligence differently if we took wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity seriously.. 


Bruce Schuman
Sept. 09, 2014

I like this general alignment, because I think it shows how "the one" interacts with and centers and aligns a "spiritual circle" process. In this version, the alignment is shown descending into the center of a "Quaker Meeting House" in London -- where, through the prayer practice followed by many Quakers, a "collective discernment of the Will of God" can unfold. 

The method is "align the circle of people through the center -- the center of each person being congruent or overlapping with the center of every other person AND with the center of the circle itself -- AND with the center of this universal circle that contains all circles." This method aligns the wisdom of a group into the perfect discernment of the whole.

The "descending axis" from the center of the circle is the "Axis Mundi" -- the guide-line for the entire endeavor of civilization. This is what we are learning how to do -- and what, I am guessing, we will want to actively convene as the energy continues to come into focus...

I like this general alignment, because I think it shows how "the one" interacts with and centers and aligns a "spiritual circle" process. In this version, the alignment is shown descending into the center of a "Quaker Meeting House" in London -- where, through the prayer practice followed by many Quakers, a "collective discernment of the Will of God" can unfold.

 The method is "align the circle of people through the center -- the center of each person being congruent or overlapping with the center of every other person AND with the center of the circle itself -- AND with the center of this universal circle that contains all circles."

 This method aligns the wisdom of a group into the perfect discernment of the whole. The "descending axis" from the center of the circle is the "Axis_mundi" the guide-line for the entire endeavor of civilization. This is what we are learning how to do -- and what, I am guessing, we will want to actively convene as the energy continues to come into focus..."

I like this circle -- because I like seeing it as "the container" -- or maybe an image of "the whole" -- or "the one" -- through which or within which "all other things" are not only contained -- but also "aligned" -- aligned so as to be in harmonic resonance with this Oneness.

I have another version of this circle with the "axis" aligned vertically so that it can be seen as the central energy of a "network of circles" -- or as Deb might like -- a network of spheres.

From this starting point, then "everything can be connected to everything else through their common center" -- which feels to me like the master key for a new world that works....


In this related image, the aligning energy of Absolute One / Absolute Center is shown in relation to a joint session of the United States Congress (Senate and House, during the 2011 State of the Union address), in a way that shows how the energy and thoughts and perspectives of every person present could be held in an integral resonant alignment as they convened to deliberate every issue we face as a nation or a world.

This image seems to me to be a guiding architectural image of the new world we are called to convene -- with "Center Everywhere". We are moving collectively towards that center -- and, my guess is, the power to convene this process will emerge through us...


Charles F Kettering Quote, Our imagination quote, world change, One Community, transforming the world

Sept. 2014
We Are One Community

One Community is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization purposed for creating open source and free-shared blueprints for The Highest Good of All. The resources we are creating simultaneously address the foundations of every major challenge our planet is currently facing. The purpose of this comprehensive approach is positive and permanent global transformation through experiential learning models which provide both immediate and long-term solutions. These learning models will intentionally spin-off evolved solution-creating models as awareness and knowledge grow.
Current models we’re developing include sustainable and Highest Good:
Brief overview of One Community: Website Sections



We believe the ability and resources exist to create a better world through a duplicable model demonstrating what is possible. With this in mind, One Community is a non-profit organization of forward-thinking people creating global transformation for The Highest Good of All. Our approach is starting and leading a movement of self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities purposed to forward the necessary knowledge base and global consciousness capable of positively and permanently improving life for everyone and everything on this planet.
Our comprehensive city and village models are more affordable, last longer, artistic, beautiful, and designed to provide a more fulfilling way of living. All aspects, including the fulfilled living components, are duplicable either modularly or as complete villages. They include Highest Good foodenergyhousingHighest Good for-profit and non-profit economics modelsan education modela Highest Good society modelresource based economy implementation, and more. Most importantly, the way One Community is combining andopen source sharing all of these things is purposed to create global and transformational change by helping others to duplicate them.


Buckminster Fuller Quote
Bringing people together with our sustainability non-profit goals and team.



updated Sept 2014

A community of like-minded individuals of all ages and cultures dedicated to supporting the emergence of a coherent new story for humanity.

We humans find our way by story. Our stories shape us, hold us and give meaning to our lives. Every so often it becomes clear that a prevailing story is no longer serving. Now is such a time. As we change our story, we change our world.

The New Story Community is for those who are already living the edge of a new story, those who have carried the best of the old story forward - the ancient and indigenous wisdom, those investigating threads of possibility, and those seeking inspiration and insight as to what could be.

The impetus for this community comes from an upcoming event hosted by the Findhorn Foundation located in the north east of Scotland – The New Story Summit: Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future – taking place 27 September to 3 October 2014 .

Join us to help accelerate our collective understanding of what the 'world in waiting' holds for us, what is already emerging and what needs to change, both in us and in the human story.

We invite you to engage in our inquiry across multiple themes, including: social, cultural and community evolution, ecology and sustainability, economy and business, as well as politics, law and governance.

To join us in building community, you can start by introducing yourself and sharing your story, your visions, your hopes and your dreams. This is a unique opportunity to hear the rich diversity of voices of your fellow community members and to engage with like-minded people of all ages and cultures from all around the globe.



14 core values and 42 questions to facilitate global transformation


The Highest Good energy page now has off-grid energy implementation and rollout specifics completed through the first 100 people to land on a property.

If virally spreading global sustainability and holistic living through open source sharing makes sense to you too, get involved at:

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called." ~ Buckminster Fuller 

  • Cultural Creatives Developing a New Worldview | This is mankind’s finest hour.  In her book Conscious Evolution, author Barbara Marx Hubbard highlights the tremendous potential of newfound scientific knowledge, technological advances and compassionate spirituality and illustrates the opportunities that each of us has to fully participate in this exciting stage of human history. This excerpt discusses the new worldview that is...
  • The New WE Culture | George Pór - What is the “new“ in a new we-culture? This is my reply to the request from Evolve magazine to address the question of “What is the ‘new’ in a new we-culture?” in 200 words, which will be published in their next issue. It is Springtime and seeds are breaking through solid soil; sprouts stretching towards the Sun. With the same elemental force (and fragility)...
  • The Evolving Global Revolution | Terry Patten and Marco V Morelli - Consciousness, Culture and Society: We live in edge times, when it seems anything is possible. People everywhere are waking up to the reality that the world as we know it is dying and a new world is struggling to be born. Across the globe, the streets are filled with people demanding change. Some are even giving their lives. And millions more are...
  • Operating as Change Agents | Justine Huxley - It seems that many of the serious global challenges we face are worsening. Religious extremism, growing economic disparity and irreversible climate change will undoubtedly have a real impact on conflicts around the world.  Resource-based conflict is likely to increase, food security and water may become significant issues, and wealth inequality may be a ticking...
  • The Inner Revolution: 5 Radical Ideas that Will Change You and the World Forever | Nick Jankel -  "To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing." — Raymond Williams There is a war going on right now, as you are reading this. It is a war that all of us are participating in, whether we know it or not and it is a war whose stakes are so high that the very future of our economy, our environment and our children’s lives depend on...
  • Creating the Future | James Clair Lewis - Causality and Gravitation: The future is a wavefront of potentiality. It is very maleable. Nothing is entirely fixed because people are constantly making decisions.  To understand the process, you first have to look at it from an individual standpoint and then at a collective standpoint. The two laws which have the most to do with the Cascade are Causality...
  • Where’s the Evolution of Consciousness Taking Us? | Nikki Sapp - Duality Consciousness VS. Unity Consciousness:   The evolution of consciousness is being felt all over the planet. As it does, the third dimensional belief systems or “truths” are dropping away to make room for a whole new crop of “truths” that resonate with the fifth dimension consciousness.  In third dimension we experience what is known as “duality consciousness...
  • by Tomas of New Earth Project - A meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” “Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language. It speaks to the very essence of being human. When you want to give high praise to someone we say, “Yu, u Nobuntu”; he or she has Ubuntu. This means that they are generous,
  • by HeartMath - A planetary shift is under way. Many sense this shift internally and we perceive that time is accelerating. It's hard to keep up. We're constantly bombarded by an ever-increasing number of choices. Emotions peak and ebb to extremes in the span of hours, even minutes. Uncertainty seems to be on the rise about our personal direction and the world's. Amid the stress and
  • by Brendan D. Murphy - "In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." —Eric Hoffer Kuhn states in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions that the actualization of a scientific paradigm is achieved by increasing the extent of the match between its facts and its
  • by Duane Elgin - Einstein said that if we cannot explain something simply, then we don't understand it.  So, a core question is:  What does 'integral' mean, in simple terms, for our world in transition -- in less than 400 pages of text and 20 hours of explanation? Is there a simple, universal, emotionally powerful, 'integral narrative' that can be told? Or, is integral theory so
  • by Kingsley Dennis -  Reconciling Science and Spirituality: As a global species we may be in the throes of passing through a transition towards a different state of consciousness. This new state may likely be characterized by quantum properties such as coherence and non-local field information.  Such a ‘consciousness field’ would transform how we relate to other people, the world
  • by Justine Huxley - What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had collaborating across differences in faith, culture, and ideology? Have you ever entered into collaborative relationships and been truly surprised by the result? What enabled those experiences to happen? In a group I facilitate at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, in London, someone recently asked,  “
  • by Terry Patten - At the Integral Theory Conference a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel on Integral Politics. During the discussion, I found myself outlining a 3-part strategy for evolutionary activism—using the metaphor of Bodhidharma, the bushy-eyebrowed sage who is said to have brought Buddhism to China from India and to have founded Chinese martial
  • by George Pór - An exploration into the next stage of human consciousness: This contribution to the “Mindfulness and Compassion” conference is focused on where the moral compass of integral mindfulness points. Being integrally mindful is about taking mindfulness off the meditation cushion and infusing all dimensions of our life with it; not only the life of you and me but also of
  • by Phillip Elton Collins - With a world filled with separation, duality and often confrontation, perhaps it is time to revisit the reality of Oneness within your existence in order to create a new reality of equality, harmony and balance. How does that feel? Prior to understanding Oneness, it is essential to understand what creates the opposite of Oneness.  It is your life









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