Loving Your Physical Body

by Dr. Joshua David Stone -

Your physical body is part of God’s physical body. We are Sons and Daughters of God and incarnations of God living in physical bodies. The physical body is our Temple just as the infinite material universe is God’s temple.

The physical body has a consciousness. There are tiny elemental beings that live in our physical body that have helped to create it, esoterically known as the “body elemental.” It is possible to communicate with the body elemental and we must train ourselves to get in touch with it.

When the physical body gets sick or goes haywire, this means there is some lesson you need to learn. You must adjust your consciousness and lifestyle to work with the wants and needs of the physical body.

The physical body is the instrument and vehicle of the Soul, which is you! 

It has a consciousness but it is not meant to run your life. You are meant to run your life. It must be integrated, loved and honored, but just as with your other bodies, you are meant to be the captain of your own ship and make all your bodies (Spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical) serve you.

How is your Physical Body Affected?

Every thought you think lodges some place in your aura and affects the physical body! Every feeling and emotion you feel affects the physical body. The subconscious mind is the seat of your feelings and emotions.

You can’t feel anger, for example, without this affecting your liver and organs. People often get ulcers from worrying. So, you see the connections between Spirit, mind, feelings and your physical body!

If you don’t love your physical body, you can imagine the adverse effect it can have on the physical body. Your physical body is part of God’s body in a microcosmic sense.

To not love it is to not love a part of God! It also means to not love the consciousness and intelligence that has created the form and is constantly maintaining the form.

Strive to love, care for and honor your physical body as well as maintain Self-Mastery over it. It should be done in a balanced and integrated manner in order for you to achieve full God Realization and Perfect Radiant Health!

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