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Inspirational articles offering insights, vision, guidance, principles, encouragement and skills to continue shaping and building a new paradigm as we go forward in cocreating a new story of a loving, peaceful, just and sustainable world. 

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Paul Lenda |

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The Quantum Heart of Humanity: Sovereignty and the New Earth Meme

Dawn of a Universal Humanity - Dr. Julie Krull | 
The impulse of creation is moving.  A lively, spirited instinct encourages me to move, push, go forward and expand outward. 

  • Cultural Creatives Developing a New Worldview | This is mankind’s finest hour.  In her book Conscious Evolution, author Barbara Marx Hubbard highlights the tremendous potential of newfound scientific knowledge, technological advances and compassionate spirituality and illustrates the opportunities that each of us has to fully participate in this exciting stage of human history. This excerpt discusses the new worldview that is...
  • The New WE Culture | George Pór - What is the “new“ in a new we-culture? This is my reply to the request from Evolve magazine to address the question of “What is the ‘new’ in a new we-culture?” in 200 words, which will be published in their next issue. It is Springtime and seeds are breaking through solid soil; sprouts stretching towards the Sun. With the same elemental force (and fragility)...
  • The Evolving Global Revolution | Terry Patten and Marco V Morelli - Consciousness, Culture and Society: We live in edge times, when it seems anything is possible. People everywhere are waking up to the reality that the world as we know it is dying and a new world is struggling to be born. Across the globe, the streets are filled with people demanding change. Some are even giving their lives. And millions more are...
  • Operating as Change Agents | Justine Huxley - It seems that many of the serious global challenges we face are worsening. Religious extremism, growing economic disparity and irreversible climate change will undoubtedly have a real impact on conflicts around the world.  Resource-based conflict is likely to increase, food security and water may become significant issues, and wealth inequality may be a ticking...
  • The Inner Revolution: 5 Radical Ideas that Will Change You and the World Forever | Nick Jankel -  "To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing." — Raymond Williams There is a war going on right now, as you are reading this. It is a war that all of us are participating in, whether we know it or not and it is a war whose stakes are so high that the very future of our economy, our environment and our children’s lives depend on...
  • Creating the Future | James Clair Lewis - Causality and Gravitation: The future is a wavefront of potentiality. It is very maleable. Nothing is entirely fixed because people are constantly making decisions.  To understand the process, you first have to look at it from an individual standpoint and then at a collective standpoint. The two laws which have the most to do with the Cascade are Causality...
  • Where’s the Evolution of Consciousness Taking Us? | Nikki Sapp - Duality Consciousness VS. Unity Consciousness:   The evolution of consciousness is being felt all over the planet. As it does, the third dimensional belief systems or “truths” are dropping away to make room for a whole new crop of “truths” that resonate with the fifth dimension consciousness.  In third dimension we experience what is known as “duality consciousness...
  • Integral Activism in the Social Commons | Duane Elgin - Einstein said that if we cannot explain something simply, then we don't understand it.  So, a core question is:  What does 'integral' mean, in simple terms, for our world in transition -- in less than 400 pages of text and 20 hours of explanation? Is there a simple, universal, emotionally powerful, 'integral narrative' that can be told? Or, is integral theory so
  • Quantum Consciousness and Our Evolutionary Future | Kingsley Dennis -  Reconciling Science and Spirituality: As a global species we may be in the throes of passing through a transition towards a different state of consciousness. This new state may likely be characterized by quantum properties such as coherence and non-local field information.  Such a ‘consciousness field’ would transform how we relate to other people, the world
  • From Collaboration to Co-Creation | Justine Huxley - What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had collaborating across differences in faith, culture, and ideology? Have you ever entered into collaborative relationships and been truly surprised by the result? What enabled those experiences to happen? In a group I facilitate at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, in London, someone recently asked,  “
  • Evolutionary Activism | Terry Patten - At the Integral Theory Conference a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel on Integral Politics. During the discussion, I found myself outlining a 3-part strategy for evolutionary activism—using the metaphor of Bodhidharma, the bushy-eyebrowed sage who is said to have brought Buddhism to China from India and to have founded Chinese martial
  • Collective Sentience | George Pór - An exploration into the next stage of human consciousness: This contribution to the “Mindfulness and Compassion” conference is focused on where the moral compass of integral mindfulness points. Being integrally mindful is about taking mindfulness off the meditation cushion and infusing all dimensions of our life with it; not only the life of you and me but also of
  • From Duality to Oneness | Phillip Elton Collins - With a world filled with separation, duality and often confrontation, perhaps it is time to revisit the reality of Oneness within your existence in order to create a new reality of equality, harmony and balance. How does that feel? Prior to understanding Oneness, it is essential to understand what creates the opposite of Oneness.  It is your life

New Worldview Consciously Evolving Humanity

by Paul Lenda -

There is a profound shift in consciousness occurring. 

This shift is part of the intentional evolution of human consciousness by members of the human race far and wide across this planet we call Earth. By being mindful of our thoughts, we are able to shape our reality in a number of different ways.
The Buddha said that “we are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Such statements reflect the reality of focused and intentional thoughts shaping the reality in which we find ourselves in on a daily basis. They display the power of our consciousness in the assisting in the overall evolution of the transpersonal consciousness of humanity.
When the Buddha also stated that everything that we are is the result of the thought-forms we have created and projected, one thing he showed us was that we have the ability to continue our evolution, both personal and transpersonal, until we become fully enlightened and Self-realized. By being mindful of what thought-forms we create, we are able to become an integral part of the evolution of the interconnected transpersonal consciousness of humanity.
Every manifestation of the Infinite Sea that comprises the totality of reality goes through its evolutionary process.

In the domain of human consciousness, there is an evolution that can be seen as well. One must only compare the human being from 10,000 years ago (from limited archeological records) with the human being today and see that the higher levels of consciousness, which became accessible after basic physiological and psychological needs were satisfied, were being experienced more and more as the human race moved into the future.
Higher states of consciousness that had interconnectedness and oneness as their base are being experienced by more people, more frequently and more intensely than in times past. READ MORE →

New Story - Why Changing the Myth Changes Our World

Alan Heeks explores the pathways that can take us from the ‘old story’ of addictive materialism into a new, creative and regenerative post-industrial society.

by Alan Heeks -

Since earliest times, people have created stories to make sense of their world. In 1978, Thomas Berry1 coined the term, ‘The New Story’. He saw the urgent need to reconnect with the interdependence of all life and the planet and he believed the root of this reconnection must be story.
He wrote: “The main difficulty in replacing the industrial order is not the physical nature of the situation but its mythic entrancement ... the myth is primary.” This new myth “... must emerge from our new story of the universe. This... can be understood as soon as we recognise that the evolutionary process is from the beginning a spiritual as well as a physical process.”  READ MORE →

Changing the Story: The Need for Magic 
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee 

In order to free our world from its present nightmare of materialism and exploitation, we need a new story—a story of oneness and interdependence, of cooperation rather than competition. To make this transition we need a power, the magic that belongs to life itself. How can we find this magic to give birth to a new story of oneness, of the earth as a living, self-sustaining whole, full of beauty and wonder?

  • Spontaneous Combustion 

    Breakthrough emergence to a new form of civilization at a higher level of harmonized complexity is like spontaneous combustion. Continue reading

    In defense of complexity

    Our steady attention…

    Our steady attention to what is moving us in the luminous moments of co-inspiration transforms the fleeting experience into continuous celebration of the awakening of the collective learner to its potential for higher intelligence and wisdom, capable to hold more. The more transformational movements get exposed to and enter into functional alignment with each other, the closer is the tipping point. … Continue reading  

  • From Right Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience

    Abstracts of paper invited to Spanda Journal’s special issue on Collective Intelligence   Without an ethical foundation grounded in the common good and an integral, evolutionary worldview, the currently trending mindfulness practices and trainings risk to reduce a radical, ancient wisdom … Continue reading 

    The Emergence of Higher We-Spaces

    The Emergence of Higher We-Spaces:  steps towards humankind awakening to its collective sentience  |  Lessons from trailblazing practice communities Introductory section of my presentation invited to the Integral European Conference, Budapest, Hungary, May 8-11, 2014 Introduction: personal and planetary contexts (draft) I am irresistibly …Continue reading 

    “Saving the world differently…”

    “Saving the world differently…”  was the title of an event, last February, which I’ve been waiting for with joyous anticipation. It was organized by the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), of which I am a … Continue reading

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  • What Can We Do That Honours and Respects Every Human Being on the Planet?

    A stunning 8-minute clip from the film “What Would It Look Like?” by the Global Oneness Project. The film examines what a new narrative for the human family might look like.

  • The Transition, Great TurningNew Paradigm

  • Movement of Many Movements

  • key theme of the New Story: the emerging story of community.

  • Dear Readers, All subscribers should be receiving the new Fall/Winter edition of Kosmos this week with amazing 4-color visuals gracing its pages. You will find that it has much to say about the New Story, or what many also refer to as the Transition, Great Turning and New Paradigm  By any name, it is a movement of many movements. This newsletter is dedicated to a key theme of the New Story: the emerging story of community.
    For the first time, I chose a special guest to write the Editorial for Kosmos, in honor of the youth who are leading the way to the realization of the New Story. I want to introduce you to the work of a deeply dedicated young man, Shaun Chamberlain, a leading voice in the Transition Town movement. He explores the balance between creative self-expression and structure in African dance as a metaphor for shaping community.
    And, we are happy to share with you our original Kosmos Research Report: Connecting for Change, the first communication research study about the emerging global transformation movement, through the eyes of the extended Kosmos community. We are grateful to many of you who contributed to the Report. Our own Rhonda Fabian describes community self-organization as a form of improvisation:
    Improvisation is an emergent process, one expressed abundantly in nature—in the natural ways that systems connect, change, and reassemble to create powerful new forms and ideas.
    These ideas of self-organization and emergence echo throughout the ecovillage movement and other intentional community initiatives. In an original video, youth leader Nick Joyce describes what is needed for communities to thrive and connect with the wider communities of which they are a part.
    And there is even more—an interview with one of the most admired and respected new paradigm thinkers, Indian activist and editor Satish Kumar about community and education from our current Journal.  It was captured at the New Story Summit and Findhorn Foundation has graciously enabled us to share it with you.
    Finally, May East, a long-time friend of Kosmos and a leading voice for the global ecovillage network takes us even deeper, calling these communities ‘laboratories of human relations.’  We reprise her Kosmos article from 2011.
    So much to explore, and so much gratitude to all of you in many places around the world working to build a more beautiful, just and loving world in harmony with all life.
    May we all thrive together in beloved community, Nancy

    “If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.” And If You Want to Transform…?

    “If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.” And If You Want to Transform…?

    Sometimes we meet a young person who continues to hold a deep place in our minds and hearts long afterwards. I met Shaun Chamberlain briefly at the New Story Summit. It felt as though I had known him forever. The future of humanity and the hope of the world is with such talented and dedicated youth. I want to honor his work by sharing one of his essays. – Nancy Roof

    Connecting for Change: Insights from an Emerging Global Transformation Movement

    Connecting for Change: 

    by Rhonda Fabian
    The Shift, Great Turning, and New Story are words used to describe what many are experiencing as a growing movement or awareness worldwide of the need to examine and restructure political, economic, and social systems to align more closely with the needs of humanity and the Earth. The threats to life brought by climate change coupled with global economic crises are entering mainstream discourse as adversity trends to be feared, yet at the same time are providing impetus for personal transformation, practical efforts to cope at the grassroots level, and international initiatives for the common good. As threats have accelerated, so have the seeds of resilience and adaptation sprouted everywhere.

    VIDEO: Nick Joyce on Intentional Community

    VIDEO: Nick Joyce on Intentional Community

    We met Nick Joyce at the New Story Summit. He spoke briefly and we realized we wanted to hear more from this remarkable young man. Kosmos Project Director, Dot Maver, asked him if he would be willing to meet in the Original Garden at Findhorn Ecovillage and discuss his views on youth, intentional community, and social change.

    An Interview with Satish Kumar at the New Story Summit

    An Interview with Satish Kumar at the New Story Summit

    Interview by Rob Garrity, in the current issue of Kosmos Journal.
    “The New Story is being played out through art, culture, music, and communities. And through the ecological movement and ecovillages movement. We are waking up. We are not slaves of the market. Our human life has a greater meaning than making money, making profit, and working for the market or for multinational corporations. Multinational corporations and a market economy have transformed human beings into instruments of making money. Human beings should be the end. And money should be the means to an end. Caring for nature should be the end and money should be a means to take care of nature. The New Story turns that around, and makes money into means. And nature, humanity, and human welfare, human well-being, human happiness—these are the ends. So, these are the kind of transformations that we are creating. And this is happening now.” -Satish Kumar

    Ecovillages: Design at the Edge

    Ecovillages: Design at the Edge

    by May East
    Ecovillages are laboratories of human relations, in which we test the power of new systemic thinking to bring about necessary changes in the local and global economic, social and ecological environments. Ecovillages provide conditions for cutting-edge sustainability experiments. In these living and learning laboratories, we quickly learn from mistakes and advances. Both are held in a complex framework of dream and vision, earth and cosmos, technology and spirit, intention and love, dance and chant, cycle and balance, death and renewal.

  • Insights from an Emerging Global Transformation Movement

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