Finding the Inner You

by David Reid Lowell - 

Believe In Yourself. 

When you stop believing in yourself so does everyone else. The concept of self-empowerment is so self-elusive.

Often times the individual loses their direction and focus in everyday life when so many outside dynamics and pressures displace themselves from who they are, placing upon them the emphasis of who they think they should be to meet those outside expectations.

Who Am I? Where Do I Fit In? 

Questioning yourself is a good place to begin in finding yourself. You would not have the thought or the instinct if it were not natural to you. The doubt comes in when you second guess yourself and override your own inclinations.

Self-believers are those who set the trend, those who have what you would call the entrepreneurial instinct.

Responding to criticism stems from or began earlier on in your development, when you reached out for something to have a 'condition' placed upon what you were trying to obtain.

The Inner You 

It is your knowing, your dream and your ambition. It is also the 'inner you' that is trying to reach out for expression, the necessary expression for your spiritual survival and sense of security.

Being accepted for who you are and how you are and how you wish to dream and express yourself is vital to your security and self- esteem.

Divine Cosmic Nature

The individual tries to manifest its divine or cosmic nature through objective, conscious decisions.

This divine or cosmic nature is that which radiates from God, your sense of origin which is pervasive in all space and all things, having power, vitality, brilliance, truth and constructiveness. 

The objective perception is that based on externality and imposed consciousness of the physical world and other's expectations and personalized perceptions. 

As the individual becomes aware of his true inner essence and needs, the soul or inner-self conforms to that standard the individual has brought about through conscious decisions.

If one is not totally aware they then become the product of what they have chosen through objective manifestation. When the individual listens to their true self, their inner self and their inner needs which are derived of spirit, then they are on their rightful path.

This is why listening to other's subjective reason and expectations will pull you away from yourself and enter yourself into conflict.

You will make errors in judgment and you will feel like it is the end of the world. But it is not. It is these moments that define you. Within these moments are your chance to rediscover yourself and put to use what you have learned and to DO IT BETTER.

As the individual elevates his objective consciousness and becomes more 'in-tuned and sensitive' to their subjective needs, their conduct aligns with and begins to correspond to their natural needs and truer spirit-self.

When the individual listens to the objective needs of others and their self, they become involved with the transient and mortal side of mankind. The basic essence of the individual is based in spirit and is not separable from its Creator.

Learning to Listen

Learning to listen to that inner self and accept that true creational aspect of subjective self will bind them with the perfect that they are already naturally aligned with.

This will lead them toward more fruitful and successful endeavors, bringing them enlightenment and happiness as they embrace their individuality.

This soul-self and spirit-self is the perfect nature of each man. Therefore, the individual is designed to evolve more and more toward his real self, his spirit or cosmic self. 

This evolutionary process consists of the processes of seeking and learning to adapt the objective expectations of others to the subjective-spirit needs of the self. Self-belief is the process of learning to embrace your true inner expression of spirit-self. The inner you that you hear which speaks ever so silently to you each day.

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  1. I have been reading his channeling for many years. I also am in a chat - study group that gets updates on his work. I have seem him speak and teach on Life Coaching and wellness. I think this is a great writing that can be used in many ways. THANK YOU for your posting. It is MUCH appreciate. Bob H.

  2. wow, i needed to hear that. you have no idea just how helpful that was and how it just made so much sence to me.

  3. Hi, just joined. I live in small upstate college and just met David this past weekend at an Opera Gala.

    He is a nice man, and very accommodating. I read him in Sedona Journal of Emergence all the time - each month.

    This writing is a wonderful gift from spirit and I want to thank you for keeping the work and the word out there.

    Many blessings to you all!