Awakening Your Unlimitedness

by Lee Harris -

You are a multi layered human being. 

The whole, multi-layered truth of you and your energy will be revealed to you as soon as you are ready to see and experience it.

This revelation will start the day you first realise there is more to you than you previously believed there to be, far more.

This day is the day of the first awakening - the awakening where you first truly meet yourself, the day where you begin to open fully to the power of your heart and your spirit.

For many of you, you may not remember this first moment, the moment where a spark of remembering jolted you awake in such a way - jolted you into your remembering.

Ever since that first jolt, you will have had many such similar awakening moments, each one adding momentum to your progression as an evolving spiritual human being.

Awakening to this truth is an extraordinary journey. 

The journey of awakening is not without its difficulties however.

It can be as much of a challenge as a joy to awaken, especially for those who are sensitive or those who struggle in life emotionally, spiritually or practically.

One of the first big hurdles experienced by awakening souls is the idea that you could possibly be greater than you realize.

While this conjures up internal excitement as to what’s possible, for many, the amount of growth and release such a realization requires, brings up great fear. It can catalyse a letting go of old, familiar patterns of behaviour, some of which may have defined you for many years.

You will also be moved toward releasing old emotional wounds that may be blocking your progression into your greater self.

Awakening forces you to release any limitations you may have, in order that you see there are no limits defining the person you are, only those limits that you choose to define and reinforce.

Until one learns to roll with this latter and more challenging aspect of awakening, the joy within a journey of awakening can’t be fully appreciated.

Awakening requires you to surrender to your life, both past and present. When surrendering to your life and emotions and allowing these releases to catalyze healing inside you, the sparks of freedom begin to grow.

This freedom liberates the energy of your heart. 

Your freed heart then liberates your soul, which reveals to you the greatest version of yourself. You can then live and love at your highest potential and share this ‘greatest you’ with the rest of the world.

Surrendering to awakening is a wise choice to make.

It will change your life in the most extraordinary yet peaceful ways.

Despite what the mind may argue about what it thinks it might ‘lose’ in this commitment to awakening, the truth is that only gain is experienced because awakening returns to you the power of your heart, all of its power and light. 

Hearts of light are rapidly opening around the world right now, belonging to those humans who are spreading light among us.

This is beautiful to witness and it is a growing phenomenon. It is not an exclusive club, far from it.

All hearts can find the light within, regardless of past or current experience. Every journey has its twists and turns on route to a destination, and your destination is to live in your greatest light. That is your highest potential on Earth.

This is an exciting time to be awakening, for the world is more open than it has ever been. 

The coming world is one of greater peace, heart and love. You will see rapid change on Earth in terms of human love and its expression. It will be a very changed world you will venture through in the decades to come.

You, as one of the walkers, will make your own mark on those changes. As you walk your energetic journey, you create change for people and the world around you, even those of you who wish to live seemingly quiet and simple lives.

Never forget your ability to create change inside and out, for that is your greatest power - your power to effect change, both in your own life and the lives of others.

To embrace personal awakening is to allow for planetary evolution.

Remember this is your world to live in and respond to with all your heart, joy, love and passion through the power of your choices, which are yours to change at any moment.

Trust yourself with what you are creating or wishing to create, for you are leading yourself into the life you want and desire every single day.

There is always more to you than your current circumstances and there is always more to life and living than your current experience affords.

This remains a constant, for to be an incarnate human is to be an endlessly evolving human.

To know all of this is to awaken to the greater truth of human living.

Awakening is a part of you and it always has been.

You simply have to learn to listen to yourself and your heart. When you do, you will be amazed at what you hear.

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