Standing at the Sacred Portal

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan -

Upon this portal is placed a mirror. The key that unlocks the portal is your own reflection.

The key to unlock the reflection is self- love, earth love, heart love; beyond measurement of relationships, beyond measurement of family, beyond measurement of kinship.

In your mind’s eye, see this Trans-portal, this doorway and see the mirrored effect of it.

As you look deep into your own reflection, 

  • how do you feel? 
  • Is their joy that stands in front of you?
  • Is their remorse?
  • Is their distaste?
  • Is their love?

It is imperative that you do everything that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love for it is the vehicle that will take you to the island that you so seek.

It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon in a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted.


As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall down the rabbit hole of this Trans-portal. You look in the black mirror that holds your reflection.

  • Who do you see?
  • Is it the you that you know?
  • Is it the you that you once were?
  • Or is it the you that you yearn to become?
The next place of momentum takes the form of a labyrinth, a point of going around and around and around in a Fibonacci spiral to find the nautilus of you. 

At that point of inner centeredness you will drop and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in your planet and a bend in the light. 

At that point of bending, you will then be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love. Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of your universe.

Within you is a time safe trigger. 

It is waiting for certain dates and number conjunctions on your calendar to activate, to ignite and to awaken dormant truths. The doorway is you. The time is now.  

The entrance code is the energetic signature of your love for you. It is not a handprint. It is not an eye scan. It is not a thumbprint. 

It is a heart print that allows you entrance. 

Not the imprint of your love for another but your love for you, is how you gain entrance into this doorway of the future.

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