The Spirit of Joy and Abundance

by Janice Olson - 

I have come to tell you that no matter how things may seem right now, abundance is Divinely promised to you. You are accomplishing the life goals you set before incarnating and everything is occurring just as it should. 

As the influence of your ego decreases, your heart, mind and soul more easily comprehends the opportunities and abundance available to all of the Divine’s children.

You deserve all the goodness and blessings coming to you. 

Some of you are wondering, ‘when will my rewards come?" and to this I say, they will come when you are ready to accept them.

So many of you don’t realize the blessed work you are already doing or not giving yourself enough credit for what you do. 

Many lightworkers feel they aren’t doing enough right now and as a messenger of the Divine, I am here to tell you that you are making a big difference! You are fulfilling your life purpose in both big and small ways! 

Your spirit is growing in leaps and bounds every day in many ways. And, the Divine realm recognizes this type of growth isn’t always easy when a soul is grounded into the physical body.

You have chosen to walk this path and are doing just what is expected of you.

Many of you have even surpassed what you expected to accomplish on your path and discern that your life has so much purpose! You have so much to give and there is so much that you can still do.

Many of you wonder, how can I get to the point in my life where I am fully living my purpose? My suggestion to you is to prioritize, set definitive goals and keep your life in balance by consciously shielding against negativity, cutting negative etheric cords and keeping your chakras clear and bright.

You are successfully accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself when you designed your life plan.

Most of you are coming to the end of a very complex cycle that is part of a larger overall earthly [not to mention galactic and universal] cycle. You lucky ones are entering into a new pattern of success and abundance. 

It’s time to push past any remaining obstacles and let yourself be reborn into the spirit of joy and abundance.

What you desire can be yours as you are a part of everything already. 

Move forward with joy and radiate love to the world around you. The Divine is presenting everyone with choices now. You may not be sure which choice is the right one. 

I encourage you to be open to new ideas and not to let fear or a materialistic view of life make the choice for you. There are many different layers of reality-old philosophies may not clarify truth in the way you would have expected in the past.

Though things in your life may seem to be moving fast, you will be able to keep up by staying in tune with your inner rhythm.

Push forward with an optimistic outlook and be willing to take some risks. Positive changes made now will increase your confidence in pursuing your goals and dreams. You are qualified and have passed your trials successfully.

Make a conscious commitment to serve the higher forces of the heavens. Build your new world in beauty and light. Use your insight to help others around you as they awaken to their own inner divinity. 

Be flexible in your beliefs and don’t put all your faith in sweeping statements that don’t resonate deep inside your soul. 

The Divine is working through all of you and each individual has the opportunity to choose their own focal point through which they perceive life.

No one person has all the answers but all individual truths are a part of a superior universal truth.

You are on a path of light and your inner visions also reflect the Divine truth. Whatever you wish to conquer, you must also serve.

What you judge is an indication of what needs healing. You can learn how to silence the ego so you’ll feel more confident and live life in joy and abundance. 

When the ego is mastered you understand that you’ve always been on a path of light and live your purpose every day. Once you triumph over darkness, you become a steady beacon of light for the rest of the world to emulate.

Live in your Light and let it shine! 

This Divine Light will bless all who come into contact with you. The angels and the holy spirits stand by your side devoted in love and ready to assist, support, guide and protect.

The Divine resides within and in all creation. Know that I know each of you by name and am forever only a thought away for all humans, animals and life on earth. In Light, in Love and in Spirit, Archangel Michael.

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