Scientifically Proven Ways to Transform and Empower Your Life

by James Authur Ray - 
No matter what your dreams, intentions, goals or life plans you will need a tremendous amount of power to accomplish them.  
In fact, it's going to require more power than you currently have at this time.  
How I do I know that you need more? If you haven't attained all you desire, you haven't yet developed enough power to do so.  
You absolutely can develop this power—and scientific findings prove it.


#1: Zero Point Field 

Science claims that we live in a "vibrational" universe. Everything is made of vibrating light, aka energy. What appears to be static and solid is actually pulsing light.

This light emanates from an ultimate field of energy known by many names.

Theologians use the term God; scientists call it the quantum hologram, plenum or zero point field. This field is 99.99999 percent light and there's enough power in one cubic meter of the zero point field to boil every ocean on our planet.

Everything originates from this zero point field, your body, a $100 bill and a stone; when viewed at the quantum level is comprised of the same light energy, differing only in rate of vibration, density and quantity.

#2: DNA and Light 

Vladimir Poponin, molecular biologist from the International Space Sciences Organization, conducted research with human DNA (your genetic coding).

Poponin placed human DNA into a test tube and created a vacuum to determine whether it would affect particles of light energy. 

Light in the vacuum tube created wave patterns around the DNA.

More interesting, when DNA was removed from the vacuum tube, the light didn't return to its previous random pattern. It maintained the same wave patterns. 

The DNA had produced a lasting influence on the energy in the tube. How does this relate to your life, your dreams, your goals?

If your DNA, your genetic coding, has a direct effect upon light energy of which every single thing in this universe is comprised, then your DNA affects everything around you.

#3: DNA Emissions 

Harold Burr, neuroanatomist at Yale, showed that all living entities emit electromagnetic fields.

According to Burr's findings, the greater the consciousness of the living entity, the greater the transmission and reception.

Taking this a step further, Fritz Albert Popp, theoretical biophysicist from Germany, discovered that the DNA of every plant, animal and human emits biophotons (light) in microscopic amounts.

#4: Positive Energy 

The HeartMath Institute, foremost authority on the study of the heart, proved that the human heart projects a field of energy from five to 50 feet beyond its body.

Other HeartMath studies reveal that quantum fields—those same electromagnetic fields and biophotons we each emit—affect our neurological and immunological functions at the cellular level, influencing both intellect and health.

Researchers stressed human DNA by heating it, then had people generate beneficial heart energy (positive emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, peace) onto the DNA.

The DNA receiving positive energy not only recovered faster, but absorbed measurably more light than the DNA samples that weren't given positive energy.

Putting the Pieces Together

So let's put it together. According to HeartMath and Burr, the more positive energy our DNA receives—the more we experience gratitude, love, joy, abundance, enthusiasm—the more our DNA can absorb and transmit light.

What do we know about light? Every single thing in our universe is comprised of it. 

Everything around and within us is vibration and the vibration you put into the field is calling and attracting similar vibrations. Everything you have in your life is your own creation.

Your thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on the world—especially on your world. Everything you think and feel creates a biochemical change inside your body and impacts the world around you.

Unconscious Failure, Conscious Success 

What have you created in your life? Most actions and results in life are created unconsciously via your internal blueprint. 

To know what this blueprint says, look at your results and listen to your dominant thoughts. Are they about lack, what you do not want?

Until you change your unconscious blueprint, you'll never change your life or your results, because every single feeling and vibration and thought is affecting your DNA, which is affecting your light potential, which is attracting and creating results into your life. 

If you want more in your life, you have to increase your vibration and light potential—period.


Through your feelings. Feelings and emotions are complementary but not the same.

For example, when you experience the emotion of love, you also get a feeling in your body—heart rate increase, endorphin rush, sweaty palms.

This feeling is the vibrational change in your body. In this universe of vibration, feeling is the key.

The more you expose your DNA to positive energy (thoughts, feelings, and emotions), the more light you possess and control in your life and the more control you have over your entire world. If you understand this, you've just received the keys to the universe. 

Your consistent thoughts, feelings and emotions control your DNA—and your DNA controls your universe.

How to transform our internal blueprint
  • First, sit down and define what you desire in five key areas: financial, relational, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. Make them specific, clear and measurable.
  • Second, keep your consistent attention upon those intentions, regardless of what's currently happening in your world.
  • Third, wake up every morning and go list the things for which you're grateful. Monitor your emotions and feelings throughout your day. If you feel tense and uptight, know that your DNA is shifting and shutting you off from the abundant flow of the universe. When you feel inspired, grateful and enthusiastic, the light of the universe (in all of its forms) is rushing towards you in ever increasing quantities.
  • Fourth, take action…bold and immediate towards your intentions. Fate favors the bold…but if you don't yet have the courage for "bold," then go as big as you're able while still feeling good.
  • Fifth, monitor your feelings and the results around you. Don't be angry or upset at less desirable results (shutting yourself off from the flow). Instead, ask yourself, "How did I think, feel and act to create this in my life?" "How must I think, feel, and act to create what I deserve?"

When you practice these five actions, you put your amazing power into motion—and you'll realize that there really are no limits other than the limits you place upon yourself. Move forward in joy and enthusiasm.

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