Accessing the Power of Love

by Michaiel Patrick Bovenes -

Our Soul within each of us has one main function – and that is to learn to love more deeply than our egos or personality self! With all the confusing messages of what love is, it is important to redefine and mature our concept so that we can allow the healing the love provides.

Love is perhaps the most misunderstood term and definitely the most addictive substance in the world.

Love (regardless of how twisted and distorted) it has become the common topic of almost every movie, song and talk show that hits the airwaves. Our society focuses on the painful aspect of “losing love” which can mean anything from, “a razor that leaves your soul to bleed”, to an “achy breaky heart”.

Why is love so important. 

Love is the answer you are seeking to every problem you face, confusion you feel and pain you experience. Not the love you know, but the love of your Soul. Love has many forms and functions. Love is more than just an emotion. It is a state of mind, a perception and a force of spiritual energy.

Love is what we’ve all come here to learn about. 

It is the foundation of spirituality. Our childhoods are there to teach us the ego’s versions of limited love and the spiritual challenge is to mature that version to become the Soul’s version.

In order to open to the love of your Soul, you must resolve the paradox of love. The paradox says, “love is all that is and love is not enough.” How can love be the answer and not enough: Love requires your free will to choose it-now, in order for it to be enough and to become the answer you seek.

Without the choice to be a loving person, love remains powerless. Yes when the choice is made and action is taken, then love transforms and heals, guides and directs. Love becomes the answer.

Deep within each of us in the depth of our Soul, there is a hunger to give and receive love and the way to activate this natural process is by caring. 

You can not love anyone or anything if you do not care. Apathy suffocates the Soul and is the opposite of love. The only remedy for apathy is to begin to care. It is easy enough to say the words, “I care for you.” However saying the words isn’t enough, you must feel the words in your heart and soul otherwise it has no meaning an just becomes another term that so many use as a weapon.

The love of Soul is built upon a foundation of caring. What is an “Act of Caring?”

It is a simple two step process which always begins with:

Step One:  
Paying Attention to the Needs of Someone or Something. This means to watch and listen with your ears, your mind and heart in order to determine someone else’s needs. 
Rarely will an individual tell you what their needs are and it takes a caring person to pay attention in order to discover and help fulfill those needs. There are common needs we all have as human beings. 
We all need to feel a sense of security, self esteem, confidence and to be accepted for who we are, especially in loving relationships. Once you have discovered the needs of the person you quickly move onto the next step, which involves responding to those needs. 
Step Two:  
Giving. Give to the person (or thing) in order to help them feel secure and to grow and evolve, to become more of who they are. 
For instance, when you care for a plant, you will notice (paying attention) when the leaves are droping and you give it some water, (something it needs to feel more secure and to continue to grow and evolve.) This becomes an authentic act of caring.

To care for yourself is also a vital component to your own happiness and when you identify and pay attention to your own needs and respond to yourself in order to feel more secure and to grow you are caring for yourself.

In order to awaken the energy of love, the real love of your Soul it is vital to start caring. Whether it be a friend, spouse, cat or plant this formula works well.

Caring is not worrying about others. It is about genuine concern and responding to needs in order for evolution to occur. It is the foundation of caring that allows the Soul’s love to awaken and solve the problems, heal the confusion and end the pain. It is the Soul’s love that miracles are born of.


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