The Emergence of Truth

by Ann Albers -

Peace comes from resting in God's love, knowing your truth, honoring your own direction and allowing others to do the same. 

Peace is within your capacity to create at all times. 

If all in the world could embrace the concepts that they are loved, they are guided and that their truth is valid for them, while others may or may not share the same, you would sort yourselves out into circles of like minded individuals and be among those who see and share life as you do. You would be able to interact with those who don't, in peace and harmony.

This type of sorting out is going on right now on your planet earth. 

So many are losing jobs just to be moved into more meaningful and respectful positions. Relationships are in a state of flux, either growing together or growing apart. Within yourselves you are finding deeper understandings of who you are and what you want in life, not only at the spiritual level but as human beings. 

Truth is emerging.

The emergence of truth can be graceful, however, if you have been ignoring it or stuffing it, it can be very awkward, sudden and upsetting. If you have been in a job that does not serve your soul and suddenly you lose it, the first reaction can be to panic, feel victimized and be upset, and yet...  God is at work in your lives, moving you towards greater love. 

Truth will find its way to the surface dear ones. 

The more you search within to acknowledge it, bring it with love to the surface of your lives and then express it with kindness, the more easy your transitions will be.

All movement in your lives, no matter how awkward, is a movement towards greater love - love of God, love of Self, love of others. Choose to see all your changes this way and you will have greater understanding, greater compassion for self and others and greater peace.

Message from the Angels

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