The Spirit of Celebration

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Celebrate Yourself:

Your human presence is a cause for celebration because it is the light of transformation for ascension, which is your contract with Source and the earth. You are the embodiment of the light and its manifestation in the third dimension.

Your physical presence, lessons, learning and healing are all celebrations of the victory of the transformation and the continuation of ascension. This is the energy you must embody to allow the unfoldment of the ascension process across all aspects of the third dimensional energy.

Your Mastery Journey 

Each of your emotions corresponds to a specific third dimensional energetic vibration whose presence is undergoing transformation. Your mastery journey includes the re-alignment of your emotional body with your divine blueprint so that you no longer carry the lower vibrating energies of fear-based emotions.

When you feel angry, tired, powerless, unworthy or undeserving of the joy and love that are your birthright, you see your human aspect as a burden or punishment.

Yet it is a blessing that can be celebrated.

Do you dislike your body, your life circumstances or your reality? Can you celebrate the presence of the energies you are transforming because together with your experience of them you also have the tools for transforming them into higher octaves of light?

You can choose to stay in the energy of what you dislike or transform it into its higher vibration. Every energy has a higher vibration but you cannot access it if you are not aware that through your intention you set the vibration of your energetic experiences.

Transforming Energies 

Be in the spirit of celebration at every moment for this is how you transform energy, shed light on the darkness, resolve energetic patterns of chaos and fear and move into the highest possible energetic experiences.

Your choice to celebrate or to be in mourning for what you believe is proof of your disconnection from your Source and inner divinity. But you are achieving great things and becoming masters of this dimension, allowing transformation through your experiences and intention to transform them.

Celebrate yourself and every aspect of your reality as you set your intention for transformation and mastery as you bring peace, love and joy to your dimension whose ascension is unfolding with every moment.