Potential Realities

by Jennifer Hoffman -

It would be overwhelming for you to know the number of options that are available for your life path, so your awareness is limited to what you allow yourselves to be open to. Even at your level of vibration, there is so much more available to you, besides what you choose from.

With each shift in your energy, which follows each new level of awareness, you expand your life path.

This allows new options to be present but this must be accompanied by a willingness to allow them into your awareness. These represent change and new pathways for you, which have their own challenges and blessings.

The combination of a limitless spirit and a limiting ego pulls you in different directions and change creates two responses. From the ego you feel fear and many reasons to stay with your current situation. Spirit responds quietly, without judgment and hearing its voice requires courage, faith and trust.

The ego will want many details, including where the change is taking you, what will happen, how it will feel and so on. The ego is willing to accept change as long as it knows where the change will lead.

When you are open and within the flow, your path is limitless and everything is an opportunity and all are potential realities.

Be Open to Everything

Are you open to change and the possibilities it brings to you? To do so the voice of the soul, which is aware of your limitless being, must be heard over that of the ego, which finds comfort in its boundaries and limitations.

Your soul understands limitlessness and is not afraid of this expression. The ego's awareness is limited to boundaries and what it has already experienced. Anything beyond this it is not open to.

In your humanity you have accepted limitation so that you could learn to release it.

Every expression of love, joy and abundance you can know is small, compared to what is truly possible for you at each new level of being.

You participate in your own limitlessness by being open to the possibility that every path has unlimited potential, every choice has many potentials and your path is only limited to the level you are open to allowing spirit to guide you through its knowledge of your limitlessness.

Be open to everything and you will be blessed beyond your imagining.