Serenity and Grace

by Debbie Milam -

Indeed life is full and what I am living and learning is in that fullness God is there ready and willing to comfort us and bring us serenity. All that is needed to receive God's grace is to accept life as it is, let go of the way we think things should be and welcome God to do what we cannot do for ourselves.

This is when we enter a state of allowing, a place of alignment with the highest good.

Throughout the years many of us have taken on so much responsibility, neglected our own needs and emotions and lost our connection to our higher power and ourselves. We tried to control our life circumstances as we hid the wounds of our childhood. We confused the God within us as having to be God ourselves.

This heavy burden of codependency has been exhausting. But we have a choice, we can choose to be loving in healthier ways, we can choose to allow others to experience their life journey, we can feel our emotions, we can nurture ourselves as the precious gifts that we are, we can let go and trust.

So at this moment I choose the grace of acceptance, I allow God to reveal what my next step is, I welcome God's love to enfold me and I am open and receptive to receive all that is good.

Dear God, in your infinite wisdom and love thank you for walking me through this journey. 
At times I am feeling anxious about what is before me but I know thou art with me.
I welcome you to show me how to stay in this present moment. 
I welcome you to show me the path to well being. 
I welcome you into every cell of my mind, body and spirit. 
I welcome your grace and love into my family. 
I welcome your serenity into every fiber of my being. 
I welcome the highest outcome to arise. 
I welcome you to show me how to be excited and trusting about the unknown. 
I welcome you to show me how to love in the healthiest way. 
I welcome you to show me your immense favor upon my family. 

I am ready and willing to stay present, to bask in your grace, to allow your will to unfold in the gentlest and easiest way.

I am ready to receive your highest good as you enfold me and those I love in your serenity, well being, light and love. Amen.

May the highest good come upon you and your loved ones.