Master the "Force" Like a Jedi

by Steven S. Sadleir- 

Whether you call it “The Force” as in Star Wars, innate intelligence, nature or spirit, we all recognize that there is something inside us animating our existence, and all existence.

Some kind of energy is flowing, intricate systems of organizing intelligence and will, all working together. The more we connect with this force, the more powerful we become in using it. 

The more you find it within yourself; the more you realize the true nature of your Self…you enlighten. 

You ARE this spirit, and it is guiding you now to the full realization of God, within you and around, in every place, in all situations, all the time.

As you tap into the wellspring of life itself, you tap into the flow of love that sustains your existence…and it is guiding you now.

Use The Force: 

Take a deep breath and connect with the life force within you, that is you. Be present to that presence within you that knew to lead you to these words.

Feel the volition that is guiding you and guiding us, to bring more light into this world. 

As you begin to connect and be guided by the spirit within you, you will also begin to become conscious of how spirit is guiding other people, situations and events and will know when, how and what to do. 

You are so much more powerful when you know what is going on. As you become more conscious you learn to use these flows of spirit as this is how we are guided to fulfilling our life purpose.

The more you are on purpose, the more everything flows. 

To the degree you are “off” you will find your life becomes more difficult and painful. Difficulty and pain is a sign of resistance; you just need to be guided back on track, to get back on purpose. Use your Jedi skills; use The Force.

Where there is darkness bring the light. 

Like Master Yoda says: “Anger leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark Side.” Watch where you energy goes. Are you getting angry? Are you in fear? Is there darkness in your mind? Meditate. 

Connect with the source of life within you, the light within you that is you.

As you become increasingly more conscious of how energy is flowing into and out of your mind and your life, you will become adept at using the energy like a Jedi.

An instinct innate within you is already guiding you. The Force is with you now compelling you to read these words.

Spirit has your mind’s attention. You have come to a pivotal point in the evolution of your consciousness where you are now consciously seeking ways to further evolve yourself to enlightenment. Your training is about to begin. Are you ready?