Being the Game Changer

A New Way to Live:

by Rene Gaudette -

We live with a feeling of necessity to fit in. If we didn’t fit in, we fear we’d lose the support of those around us, those who live their lives fitting in.

It isn’t until we meet someone who doesn’t fit a mold, doesn’t play a preassigned role, doesn’t fit in that we begin to open ourselves to the thought of living differently.

We realize: ‘I always thought that if I did that, if I was honest with others, expressed myself with confidence, set my boundaries, I’d lose the love of partners, parents, friends. I never realized that in trying to fit in, I ensured I never could.’

Old Way

The old way of life – of fitting in – doesn’t encourage these people to show themselves. It relegates them. The ones who succeed are placed on pedestals (we call them game changers, thought leaders, unexplainable and unique anomalies). Those who don’t become examples of the consequences of straying from the path, of not fitting in.

New Way

The new way of life – of allowing – nurtures honesty with the self, for it recognizes that without it, honesty with others cannot exist. It encourages the expression of feelings and emotions, for it recognizes their importance to health and well-being.

The new way allows for boundaries to be set for it recognizes the benefits of respecting the self.

The new way is feared for it strays from the path of the old.

Be the game changer, the thought leader, the unexplainable and unique anomaly that reminds others: ‘I never realized that in trying to fit in, I ensured I never could.’

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