The River of Yes

by Nikita Gearing -

The River of Yes is about moving in harmony and peace with the flow of Spirit. It is about moving in your life with Divine guidance.

It is about the ‘Simple and Easy’ path and about living and creating from a place of effortlessness. The River of Yes is a way of being that supports Personal and Spiritual Awakening.

What is the River of Yes?

It is a state of Being, a daily choice to listen to Divine guidance. It is primarily about your personal relationship with Spirit/Source, God/Goddess, the Unlimited Divine Creator.

The River of Yes is about being present in each moment, being conscious, aware and connected with an open Heart to the Divine within.

It is living and acting from a place of Surrender to the Divine guidance and ‘Saying YES’ to listen, receive and live this Divine guidance. 

It is about allowing the Awakened place within you to inform, direct, assist and guide you as you move and create your life.

The River of Yes is about saying a personal YES to the unlimited, Eternal, Abundant, Sacred Presence within you and allow this presence to flow through you into your life and into the world.

Does Saying Yes, mean I have to say yes to everything presented to me?

Simply said, No! The River of Yes is about becoming in tune with the Divine guidance within. This is what you are saying YES to, to listen and follow this guidance, it is not about saying yes to every outside circumstance or situation. 

It does not mean that you say yes to everything presented to you in the world, however it does mean that everything you are presented with, your say YES to release your resistance and judgment and then to tune in to your Divine nature and listen to this guidance. 

It means you look at yourself, your life and the world through the eyes of the Divine and say YES to find this Sacred space within each experience you are journeying.

The River of Yes means that you are saying YES to listen and act upon Divine guidance in relationship to that which is being presented to you. It is about allowing this Conscious unlimited, Divinely connected place within you to guide you in relation to how you relate to the world.

This River of Yes is about listening to the Sacred Truth within you and following this path.

Releasing your Judgments and moving into the Flow

The River of Yes is about releasing your resistance and judgments and seeing through the eyes of God, of Peace, of Oneness.

It does not mean you agree or approve of every situation but it means you allow the situation by releasing your judgment and thus from a clear space you can ask for guidance as to how to deal with the situation. 

This then allows the healing pathways and solutions that serve you and those involved to be created.

Manifest the Life You Love

By ‘Saying Yes’ to listen, receive and surrender to this sacred Awakened place within, you allow this place to guide your actions and creations within the world, which then supports you to manifest the Life you Love and your Hearts Bliss.

The River of Yes is an understanding that within you is a place that is unlimited and connected to Source, Mother/Father God/Goddess and knows the highest path for you, and your Awakening.

The River of Yes is a way of Being and a path to living a Conscious Life, Awakened, Aware and Free.

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