Inner Dialogue and Synchronicity

by Cynthia Sue Larson -

The concept of inner dialogue is usually associated with our tendency to run thoughts and ideas inside our heads.

This idea of the incessant chatter of our "monkey minds" is central to many meditation practices, which provide people with tools to quiet the mind and calm the body. 

These practices operate on the principle that just as we can experience increased tranquility and clarity from clean, organized surroundings, we can also feel much more positive, balanced and compassionate toward ourselves and others when we take time to clear our minds on a regular basis. 

"Remember the entrance door
to the sanctuary is inside you."


The simple activity of clearing out mental clutter can give us the optimal vantage point we most need in order to see new opportunities we would miss otherwise.

There is another aspect of inner dialogue, which is the interconnectedness between our inner thoughts and feelings and everything and everyone around us. 

We do not exist in isolation, and are therefore continually immersed in an energetic conversation with the universe around us... even when most of the time, this conversation happens beneath our normal threshold of consciousness.

I was reminded of just how amazingly the inner and outer worlds converge while listening to Fred Alan Wolf's excellent audio learning course, Dr. Quantum Presents Do-It-Yourself Time Travel, in which Wolf tells the story of a man who had an amazingly complex dream set at the time of the French revolution.

After many detailed events transpired, the man's dream culminated in a dramatic scene at a guillotine.

At the precise moment when the guillotine dropped in the man's dream, he was startled awake by the headboard of his bed falling down on top of his head! 

The fact that such a lengthy dream could be dreamt immediately prior to such a dramatic and unusual event as a headboard landing on the dreamer's head demonstrates that we are much more connected to and aware of our environment than we tend to consciously acknowledge.

You can get confirmation of the interconnectedness between you and the universe when noting an amazing synchronicity of events which dovetails perfectly with something you were thinking silently to yourself. 

When you pay close attention to your inner dialogue, you can see how what you think and feel on the inside influences what is going on around you, and get a taste of how your inner dialogue interacts with the universe. 

Sometimes you will know things you had no obvious way of knowing (such as to look out for something landing on your head) and other times, you will find that your own calmness and clarity can bring coherence to an otherwise chaotic situation.  

It is in the very interconnectedness of All That Is that we can open the inner door to peaceful tranquility inside ourselves and in so doing, share the gifts from this inner sanctuary with the world.


  1. It is amazing how everytime I come to read your posts I find a new subject about something I have been thinking about the day before or the same day and I had things in mind that I wanted to know about. And here is always my answer. Thank you. I call it synchronicity. God bless you. Peace and Love Maac

  2. The idea of inner dialogue is an interesting concept. I have been struggling lately thinking, how do you find peace? Maybe I need to change my inner dialogue and find peace within peace. Thank you.